Like Father Like Son

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“Little Lance” Promises Four More Years of “Big Al”

For more years than we can remember, Mayor Allen Green has used his political connections and taxpayer dollars to give sweetheart deals to his developer and contractor buddies.  Chief buddy among all the other buddies has been Riverwalk developer Buddy Lacour.  Every time Lacour brings another pretty picture before City Council they throw money and property his way–hoping against hope that one day he’ll actually build something.

To date all we’ve seen is a dirt parking lot and a floating restaurant.  Mayor Green and Buddy Lacour must be near panic at this point since Green is being forced to sit out at least two years from Council due to term limits and voters are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the shady deals.  The plan now is to try and get Allen Green’s son, Lance Green, elected mayor in 2016 and allow the gravy train to keep rolling along.

Buddy Lacour is doing his part by putting up Lance Green signs on various properties he controls in Port Orange.

Green-Lacour signs combo

Other developers and the City’s own Solid Waste contractor have already bought tickets on the Green Machine gravy train by donating to Little Lance’s campaign.  Makes you wonder just how much taxpayer money is being channeled back into Lance’s political efforts.

Green Campaign Donations

Allen Green has been on City Council in one form or another since 1980 with only a couple short breaks in that time!!  We don’t need another four years with his son.

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