Back-Stabbing Burnette Takes One from Lance Green

No Don, that's a knife!

No Don, that’s a knife!

We were all amazed back in 2014 when Don Burnette decided to surprise Ted Noftall with his false indictment of Ted’s behavior as Chairman of the Audit and Budget Advisory Board.  Clearly a knife in the back, Don was quickly reinforced by Dennis Kennedy and “Little Miss Ethics” herself, Sonya Laney.  Judging by the number of Chamber of Commerce members in attendance at the meeting, Don’s attack had the full support of the Green Machine. So when Burnette decided to run for mayor this year it was assumed that years of brown-nosing Mayor Green would gain him Green’s support as payback.  The mayor’s son Lance Green even initially endorsed Burnette for mayor.

What a real knife in the back it must have been when Lance Green later decided to run for mayor himself.  Makes what Don did to Ted Noftall seem like a pin prick by comparison.

Sonya Laney and other Chamber of Commerce supporters also seem to be deserting the sinking ship HMS Burnette.  So much for loyalty from the Green regime.

Lance Green Campaign Report

And what is the story here with Sonya Laney and Mike Arminio listing two addresses?  It’s not like everyone doesn’t know these two love-birds are joined at the hip.  Is it perhaps so no one questions the ethics of having both of them sitting on the Planning Commission?  What would happen if Lance Green’s wife wanted to be on the Commission?

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8 Opinions on “Back-Stabbing Burnette Takes One from Lance Green

  1. Perhaps Don Burnett agreed to drop out of the Mayor’s race in return for making a few million$ as the exclusive real estate mortgage broker for the RiverWalk Condos project.

  2. Don Burnette sold his soul to the Green machine that evening as he stumbled through an UN-familiar 3 page indictment prepared by others.

    Dennis Kennedy’s lightning fast second to Burnette’s motion and the gleeful Chamber attendees in the audience tipped their prior knowledge to Burnette & Sonya Laney’s planned sneak attack.

    Kudos to City Attorney Roberts for instructing the would be back stabbers to hold their horses because in this country there is something called ” due process ” that must be followed.

    Alan, Lance, Sonya, Mike and others have made sure that if Burnette had never heard the old adage that those who live by the sword die by the sword he sure has now.

    The $64 dollar question is what did Burnette do or not due to have the Green machine turn on him ??

    If you are sickened by the depths to which the Green machine and their cronies will go to maintain their elitist stranglehold on Port Orange politics I would remind you that both of my opponents are insiders intent on maintaining that status quo..

    I am not and I would ask for your support on August 30th

  3. Burnette is getting exactly what he deserves and it should be no surprise that little miss CPA aka Sonya the Un-ethical Slut would screw him over considering just how easily she screwed over her devoted husband with her illicit affair with his friend Mike Arminio aka the Italian Stallion.

  4. Electing Baby Green as Mayor would be like giving Papa Green another term and who would want that besides Green’s pet developers and consultants who have been feasting on Port Orange taxpayers for the past 30 years .

  5. So is this just a matter of blood being thicker than water or has Burnette ticked off the existing power structure? The Mayor has always made fun of Burnette’s tendency to blabber on without ever saying anything but he always votes the party line so what’s up? Anybody got any info or ideas?

  6. I hope Don stays in the race. Analyzer is right about him NOT being capable of winning for Mayor. It ain’t gonna happen. Therefore we will have 2 fresh faces on council instead of one. I’m looking forward to that.

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