TED, We Were Only Fooling, No Other Water Customers Were Back-billed


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8 Opinions on “TED, We Were Only Fooling, No Other Water Customers Were Back-billed

  1. Huh??!!
    Sounds like Ted could be the only person backcharged. Wonder just how far Shakey Jake and his group of cheerleaders on Council will go to get Ted.

  2. Unbelievable!

    It has not gone unnoticed that the Finance Director has proposed back-charging the FOI requester (Ted) for 45 minutes of her time in a conference with the City Manager.

    If the Director can back-charge for her time explaining the screw-up to the City Manager would not the Managers time and anyone else’s time at that meeting also be chargeable to the FOI requester? How about travel time expense to and from that meeting?

    • It is no coincidence that Ted has been warning us that the Finance dept has been run in a totally incompetent manner since the days of our long term finance director who resigned in shame over the DBS water billing fiasco.

      The current finance director complete with her soft little voice scam that gets less and less audible the more she screws up has been in over her head since day one, and she just proved it once again because as Ted has noted – her record keeping is either so aimless or slipshod that meaningful data extraction is not even possible by her own staff.

      Ted has been right on so many issues and none more so than the need for Charter revision to involve Council in the hiring, evaluation and firing of department directors. Until that happens the parade of incompetents we have in Finance, Works and Utilities will continue. .

      • You hit the nail right on the head and the culprit behind this interminable incompetence is directly or indirectly the I.C.M.A.

        • ICMA is absolutely the culprit because as Ted has pointed out in the past their fundamental premise is that, whatever the level of work product that is delivered it must be accepted with nothing more than faux questioning.

          Port Orange needed and still needs a manager with a solid record of private sector accomplishment, and zero involvement with ICMA who is committed to focusing his efforts inward to rebuild a broken administration with objective standards of responsibility and accountability.

          Instead we got Shaky Jake was supposed to have met the non ICMA half of that equation, but that was short lived as his new best confidants and advisers are the ICMA hacks through out Volusia county and quite predictably the farce show in Port Orange continues.

          • Yes, and it looks like Harden’s I.C.M.A. friend Joe Forte CM of Holly Hill called in a favor and sent him over one of his MIT buddies and 4 time MIT alumni Andrew Neff. Taxpayers get ready to break out the check book!

  3. Will the citizens be back charging the Finance Director for extended lunch breaks with her Public Utility Director male friend?

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