OMG: Former Councilman Bob Pohlmann Wants to Return Us to The Good Old Days in Port Orange

[Editors note:]

Former City Councilman Pohlmann would like to return the Good O’l Boys club cast of characters to City Hall and start over.  If he ever gets elected to the city council again he plans to return Ken Parker, Warren Pike, Roger Smith, Shelly, Burnhart, and several other fired former employees to City Hall and start the taxpayers recent nightmares all over again from the beginning.

Less we forget, this former rogue Public Works Director was fired when the Police found stolen city property including stolen police equipment in his home & garage    He is the same person that told his son to go back and burglarize the Public Works facility one more time to return some of the stolen items that the Police were looking for.

With this type of thinking, we now know why Mr. Pohlmann was fired by the voters in the last election. Pohlmann2


Hello Mr. Harden.

My name is Bob Pohlmann. I am writing this letter of recommendation for Warren Pike for the position of [Port Orange] Director of Public Works.


I have know Warren on many levels for the past 30 years. First and foremost I know Warren from the 9 years I served as a member of the Port Orange City Council. I can tell you there is not an employee who knew more about the entire city operations than Warren. His institutional knowledge of the city would be of immense benefit to our citizens. He was, and would be, the go to person to get any job accomplished. I have personally witnessed Warren complete tasks in short order. A tree falls across a roadway on any day, night or day, and Warren has a crew there getting it off the roadway. I have seen bags of concrete fall off trucks just before rain storms and Warren has it removed before the rain comes. There might be an emergency hurricane approaching and Warren has not only his crew ready to spring into action, but also all the local contractors and their heavy equipment ready to remove debris from roadways to allow emergency vehicles the ability to pass through. Ask any citizen in Port Orange who lived here during the 2004 hurricanes what kind of job Warren and his crew did clearing the streets. Warren has saved the city millions of dollars in the past by his quick actions. His paperwork to FEMA in 2004 allowed the city to be reimbursed for their costs and contractors were paid immediately. There are no Public Works Directors in Volusia County who can match his record. [You got that right ]

Aside from providing an outstanding service to our citizens, the loyalty he commands from the Public Works employees is like nothing I have ever seen before. I personally know many of the employees who work there. The morale was at its peak when Warren was the director.
His knowledge of the roadway system, the sewer systems, drainage canals, vehicle maintenance, public safety equipment, is unmatched by anyone.

The bottom line is Warren provided a tremendous service to the entire city operation and most importantly to all the citizens of Port Orange. We were very fortunate to have his services for a long time and he played a key role in developing the city to what we have today.

I would, without a doubt, highly recommend the City of Port Orange retain his services as Director of Public Works.  [ But don’t give him any keys ] 

Bob Pohlmann



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  1. And why Bob is Warren no longer employed by the city ??

    I too liked Warren and felt he did a great job. However when the underlying events that led to his demise surfaced, I doubt I would stick my neck out for him on a professional basis.

    Can you write me such a wonderful recommendation letter of reference too ?

  2. Oh wait …. I had to read that letter a second time.

    I fell off my chair when I NOW see it is for the Port Orange Public Works Director.

    You MUST be kidding me !!!!

  3. All I can say is the Pole Man has provided us with another belly laugh again, lets here it for the Pole Man!

  4. Has Pohlmann lost his $%(@#*$ mind? This guys days of ever being in an elected position are so over. He couldn’t win an election against a write in candidate. This speaks volumes as to why our City finds itself in the position we are currently in. I hope this letter finds its way in to the News Journal, just for the head shaking and laugh factor it will create towards Pohlmann.

  5. Please summon a mental health specialist to Pohlman’s residence stat.

    He definitely has lost ALL credibility with such a boneheaded move like this. I’m sure this leaves many shaking their heads.

  6. Bob is this some sick Halloween trick you are playing on the citizens by sending such a ridiculous
    E Mail to Mr. Harden ???? If you are serious then I suggest you stay out of those run down, low life bars where Warren hangs out.

    You have just succeeded in making a complete ass of yourself.

  7. Mr. Poleman you act as though Mr. Pike was some sort of an action hero. If a tree falls across the road, a bag of cement off of a truck or a pending hurricane anyone with a high school diploma would know h ow to react. Did you forget how much Mr. Pike was being paid a year by the City of Port Orange?????

  8. All I can say is WOW! What is The POLEMAN thinking, I heard he plans on running for Mayor in 2016 or possibly challenging Councilman Bastian for the District#3 seat. This letter of recommendation for Mr. Pike will certainly ensure that he is never elected again. What on earth is he thinking? I am ashamed that before 2012 I actually voted for him.

  9. If it true that Bob Pohlman has aspirations of becoming the Mayor of Port Orange in 2016, he had better bury those hopes in a big hole in his backyard.

    We all have very long memories and can easily recall all of the conflicting comments posted by him on this blog.for the past two years.

    I think he’s losing it….just like Mayor Green Jeans. Do we really need this? Lets get Port Orange back on the map as the wonderful city that it is. We need to infuse the city with new blood and get rid of the good ole boy mentality.

    Forget it Bob…you are toast.

  10. I heard there was a job opening at Walt Disney World operating the DUMBO ride. Want the job Bob???

  11. The Pole-man is a straight up low brow. He sat there for 9 years taking his voting direction from a Mayor that he still worships. What is up with that. Same observation and question applies to Kennedy. It will be entertaining if both of these losers run for Mayor in 2016

  12. Take a look at the CM public read file. It is flooded with letters of recommendation for Warren Pike. It’s almost like a political campaign. Maybe Mayor Green is secretly behind this ?

    This is the most ludicrous thing I have heard in a long long time. I doubt it will gain any traction and sure makes some folks look really foolish.

    • All the orchestrated recommendations in the read file supporting Pike appear to be coming mostly from patrons of the same honky-tonk bar that Warren Pike hangs out in.

      Give us a break * we are not stupid. – We hope Mr. Harden does not fall for it,

      • To refresh everyone’s memories:

        He already got his second chance in 2002.

        • I don’t need to be refreshed. Remember it vividly, don’t think time heals all wounds in my world. I’m sure it pained Ken Parker to have to dismiss Warren Pike due to their close relationship.

          Anyone still feel it was “just an honest mistake” or that Warren displayed a “high degree of integrity” ?

          Maybe we will hire Warren’s son too who likely could have been prosecuted if Warren didn’t take the bullet for him ?

          Psst – wanna buy some used police blue lights ?

          • I supposed Allen Green lamented Warren’s Departure. No more public Works crews being sent to build a canal bridge, refurbish property, and do landscaping at the Allen Green Jackson Street future vineyard and winery. I think the southern plantation owner misses those good ole days!

  13. I his letter of reference, Mr. Stuart Pitrat states that Pike displays a high degree of integrity ??.

    Even notable Attorney Jim Morris wrote an eloquent letter endorsing Pike and asking Mr Harden to rehire him.

    Nauseating …

    • TuffTurf warrenPike “… Mr. Pike proclaimed. ‘I will cut your throats before I fire another one of my employees’ ….
      ” It was clear that Mr. Pike was making reference to the fear that private contract vendors could provide landscaping service cheaper than the City could do them in house, which could ultimately result in the layoffs of Public Works employees ……”

      “… I attempted to discuss this problem rationally with Mr. Pike and his response was ‘I don’t care. ….’

      ”… I decided to speak up and address the City Council directly in regards to this obvious and blatant breakdown in the process of fair bidding and awarding of contracts by the city …”

  14. Mr. Harden, I’m sure you are reading these blogs and by now can get a feel for what it going on here,
    You appear to be an honest, upright kind of guy which is what the city really needs right now.

    Do not be deceived by all of these Emails throwing accolades at Mr. Pike. Yes he did know his job but he was personally entrenched with Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Parker , going to their church, homes, etc. until he fell out of favor with them, became a liability and they decided to get rid of him.

    This situation is so disgusting it turns my stomach. We certainly don’t need Warren Pike back working for the city of Port Orange

  15. Hey Mr. Pohlmann do you think your letter to Mr. Harden shows a real balanced objective perspective? Based on your logic we should rehire Tom Cinefro, John Shelley, Rob Zicker, Betty Barnhart, Roger Smith & Jason Yarborough, Ken Parker & Greg Kisela, Wayne Saunders, John Diamond, and don’t forget Rob Pouste! We should also make restitution for every person that Allen Green and Greg Kisela has conveniently scapegoated. We can call this the Bob Pohlmann Jubilee.

    Bob take my advice and forget about politics in the future, instead see if you can audition for Dancing With Stars and woe them with your pole dancing. Maybe Warren Pike can install a commemorative Pole Man dancing pole on a stage in his bar, you can be there to pole dance during the daily happy hour, and they can advertise 2 for 1 drafts during Dancing Bob’s Happy Hour.

    • Here we go again with the Sonya’s – HONEST MISTAKE – bullshit.

      It was a lot more than an Honest Mistake that occurred.

    • I think if you really knew the political and personal dynamics historically existing between Allen Green, Ken Parker, Warren Pike, and their respective families, and the business connections between Warren Pike and Allen Green you would realize that this is a story of a prodigal son that has yet to be restored to grace. The legend of Warren Pike was fabricated and developed by his political, personal, and business connections with the Greens and Parkers. Its undoing came on the heals of his divorce and male menopause slumming life style.

      A good analogy to this is found in the movie Goodfella’s. You remember when Paul Sorvino and Robert Deniro told Ray Liotta he could have his whores on the side on Saturday night but he had to return home to his wife, show up at church on Sundays, and keep a respectable front for the sake of the syndicate.

      He reluctantly went home but was soon back at it with Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci doing things on the side that Paulie told them not too. Joe Pesci got out of line and they had to wax him. Deniro and Liotta continued to stray and Liotta’s nose candy life style made him vulnerable to slipping up. After the cops pinched Liotta, Deniro reverted back to falling in line with the big boss Paulie, scapegoated Liotta, and they now agreed that Ray Liotta was a big liability to them.

      So what was once one big happy family, now became a big liability and estrangement. Pauly had to declare the final anathema on Ray Liotta and direct Robert Deniro to perform the deed. This is similar to what Mayor Allen Green pronounced to Ken Parker from behind the scenes, so that Ken Parker, just as Robert Deniro was delegated to perform the deed would perform the final anathema against Warren Pike.

      The best Warren Pike can hope for is to go into witness protection analogically speaking and start a new life apart from the organization. I don’t think Paulie (Allen Green} is going to be welcoming him back with open arms soon. Warren Pike should also reveal all the back door stuff he may know about Green and Parker so that we can finally clean this cesspool of an organization up and see a better day. This would be a great legacy for Warren Pike to leave the citizens of Port Orange. Warren would be remembered as the wise guy that came clean and sold the big boss and his henchman down the road.

    • He already got his second chance when he was suspended in March of 2002 for Misconduct & Insubordination.

  16. Let’s break this down: the city has posted the job vacancy which pays 73k to 100k per year in salary.

    Mr. Pike has obviously put in an application / resume to be considered for the same position he was dismissed from for theft and integrity reasons. He further has attempted to garner support in the form of recommendation letters of reference from well known citizens.

    This all leaves me shaking my head that he even has the gonads to apply !

    I really don’t think we have much to be concerned about but then again, some of the decisions made by the city recently lead me to believe that maybe we should be worried a bit ?

  17. Did anyone read Joseph Disanti’s email recommending Warren Pike for Public Works Director to Mr. Harden? Who is this anus nodule Joseph Disanti anyway? Did anyone see him write that Warren Pike was responsible for getting all utilities back up during the hurricanes of 2004? What a crock of shit from some person that is clueless of who did what during those hurricane emergencies.

    The field emergency response on utility services was conducted by Public Utilities and head by Richard Woodman and his staff in conjunction with support staff from both treatment plants and the field crew. Operators worked 24 hours at the plants that were EOC staging centers identified outages and dispatched public utility maintenance crews, field crews, and FP&L. Richard Woodman employed his expertise in coordinating all of the field activity and rolled up his sleeves and worked right along side with his staff. Everything that pertained to utilities was handled impeccably by utility staff.

    Public Works did their job too and no one is taking anything away from them in their efforts to clean up debri and mitigate flooding after the storm. Its just that this anus portus, Joseph Disanti has a lot of nerve trying to attribute the work of others to Warren Pike in a non-objective attempt to influence the interim city manager.

    Mr. Disanti, I dare you to respond to this post and concisely explain to us how Warren Pike was responsible for the pre, during, and post hurricane response back in 2004 regarding the maintenance, protection, and restoration of potable water and wastewater services as opposed to being handled by the public utilities department, FP&L, and largely coordinated by Richard Woodman and other key senior staff at the treatment plants? While you are at it tell us how you were involved in the hurricane response, where you were when the response teams were performing all this round the clock emergency work, and what is your field of expertise that allows you to speak so authoritatively to the city manager as though you were there evaluating all of the actions that took place. I think you owe an apology to many people for attributing the selfless work that they performed to your friend that you are obviously politicking for because you have failed to give credit to those who truly deserve it. This is the reason why the city has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    • His letter and others make Warren look like superman and the sole reason that things have gone downhill since he was dismissed.

      If you want to believe these nimrods, Warren should be brought back at any cost and begin work Monday.

      And we wonder why we can’t have any progress in this city. We are continually looking backwards.

  18. Kind of wondering why we haven’t heard input from the Gardner’s , Ted Noftall, Newton White and that crew on this. Would also like to hear Bob Ford’s thoughts. Is it possible some of these folks may be in favor of this moving foreword ?

    • Hopefully not, because this would not only contradict what they profess to stand for, but would invalidate any of the positions they have taken. I would say they would be crazy to support this. This is an example of why politics sucks. Its all about polarization and self interest. There is never any critical thinking, commonality, non-duality, and synthesis. It would be nice to here where the aforementioned politicians and activists stand on Bob Pohlmann’s most recent proposal.

      • Yes my point exactly, their silence on this may be speaking in abstentia. It would totally contradict their normal opinions.

  19. PLEASE. PLEASE tell me that I am dreaming. Is this entire post a hoax of some perverse nature ? How can this city ever go on if we take two steps backward again ?

    If this guy just quietly applied (which he never should have done) for the job it would be a non issue. But then I guess he is at fault for rallying what he perceives as this great sentiment of public support for him. He has the ego of a scorned politician.

    Any obscure chance he will make a comeback ?

  20. I can’t believe this subject is even a discussion! Outrageous and ridiculous…..what the hell is Port Orange turning into…a circus? And to think a former council member is part of this along with others in the community.

    • Yes ma’am indeed.

      This weeks ringleader is Bob Pohlman and the head of clowns is Warren Pike.

  21. WellI know at least one person who is probably happy as a pig in S–t that the spotlight is on Pohlman and Pike and off of her….Donna Steinenbach. Don’t worry Donna…we will get back to you.

  22. Tony Clifton – I have always wondered what goes on behind the high top no see through fenced area on Jackson Street. Seems more fortified than the White House these days. Vineyard and Winery ? I say he may jump in and grow the green leafy stuff if approved.

    At any rate, his Jackson St fortress can’t talk for what may have occurred over the years.

    • Now that you mentioned the Mayors Jackson Street home we can’t help to notice there is an open drainage ditch running along the entire length of Jackson Street except in front of the Mayor’s property.

      Sometime in the past before there were any blogs or watchdog groups someone installed a 30″ pipe and back-filled the entire ditch in front of the Mayors property ONLY. Is there anyone still working in public works that knows how this happened. Perhaps Mr. Pike may have some information on this in his files.

      • I wonder if Mr. Pike may have some inside information on where all the unaccounted for reuse lake dirt disappeared to. Right now it is terra incognita. Perhaps Mr. Pike is able to solve this mystery. This would sure ingratiate him to those seeking transparency. Who knows, maybe some clemency in exchange for substantive revelations about Green and Parker!

      • Yes, Warren doesn’t have a shot at this (we hope) . He could join the good guys club on this blog, as well as in public and tell all he knows. He would gain tons of respect and possibly untarnish his legacy. I would buy his book, attend his lecture, and have his back if he spilled it all.

        • Doesn’t Warren and Allen Green have some mutual real estate or business interest with some property associated with the “Hidden Treasures”. bar and grill? I thought there was something disclosed about that real estate relating to Green’s part ownership on the county tax register after the Health Department found an illegal water hookup supplying that real estate. The last time someone checked the County tax register it looked like the public official information block was now invoked on that particular piece of real estate. Maybe Warren Pike would be transparent and enlighten us on the status of that arrangement and whether he has a real estate and business arrangement with the mayor at present.

    • That is an interesting picture. Pretty sure the Mayor has never done that before for any candidate. Shows just how desperate the Mayor has gotten to try and keep his reign. Wonder what his real motive is for that? Must be something really important to keep covered up and he needs another player in his poker game!

  23. Pat Nelan, why was last nights post by Ted Noftall advocating the immediate rehire of Warren Pike pulled of your website? That is the post that I previously responded to. Was that a computer glitch or was it intentionally pulled off? I have seen many posts that were either removed from this web site or never posted that did not show tea party activists in a positive light. Could it be that Ted’s post was retracted because on second though what he blatantly advocated might destroy his credibility as someone that does not practice what he preaches? I saved the post myself!. If this was simply a computer error than please repost it. If it is not reposted than it was obviously pulled to try to cover up Ted’s opening mouth and inserting foot. Remember your own mantra is transparency and open governance.

    • YES, I pulled his comments because they were Nauseating …

      I think Ted may have finely lost it and destroyed all his credibility

      Pat Nelan


      • So you pulled Ted’s blog comments where he SUPPORTS the rehiring of Warren Pike ?

        Wow censorship now huh ? Let Ted take the heat. He apparently has Charlie Christ syndrome now – also known as flip flop.

        I now have lost all respect for what Ted has attempted to communicate all along.

      • Hey guys, I am just now trying to catch up on all this. I would love to see the original post by Ted Noftall. But look, notwithstanding Pat Nelan’s right as an editor, the issue is still here and can be pursued by others, like me. So here is what I suggest. Ted, where you think you can, rephrase your comments and get your point across without them be “nauseating” to Pat Nelan. Ted, if you can’t do that tell me, and I will ask Pat to tell us what is so “nauseating” about Noftall’s original comments.

        I cant tell you who, but someone who is a supporter of Pike told me that Allen Green wanted Pike fired. I dont know what the real story is on this, but now that Pike has been proposed to come back to city work, this issue needs clarification, especially by who want him back.

        I do not support bringing Pike back into city service in any capacity. The charges against him were not trivial considering that he was an administrative director. The institutional integrity of city government is in question if Pike is allowed to work again for the city of Port Orange. The suspicion comes to me that efforts to rehire Pike could be encouraged by Pike threatening to tell all unless he is rehired. Why Notfall would want Pike to be rehired is beyond my imagination.

        Explanations are needed now by Noftall and Nelan. The issue now for all who want transparency about city issues demands that Noftall and Nelan clarify their positions. I would not let the city hide such an issue as this, and find no need to ignore all this for the benefit of Noftall or Pat both of whom I generally am fond of and support. Ted, Pat and I may differ on this specific but let me know the details so that I too on this blog can agree or disagree. thanks. hank springer

          • Put the ORIGINAL post back up unedited and give us a full explanation of how and why this occurred.

            # transparency
            # accountability
            # integrity
            # doing what’s right
            # expose Ted for being a hypocrite

    • Thank YOU Herman for Holding Mr Nelen accountable as well as Mr Noftall.

      I guess we now have to be concerned with cover ups and censorship on the blog ?

  24. Lacey McLaughlin of the News Journal, I sense one helluva great story here. With interviews from Bob Pohlman (former city Councilman) , Ted Noftall ( “former” City Acitvist) and Jim Morris (prominent local attorney) who all,support the proposed re hiring of once scorned and terminated Public Works Director Warren Pike.

  25. The rehire Warren Pike campaign trail continues with yet more letters of support in the City read file.

    I would urge those on this blog who truly understand the past history of problems within the city to write their own letter and express their views as to why this is the most ridiculous, absurd and preposterous idea
    ever brought forth.

    Please address your comments to Interim City Manager Harden at

  26. I blame Warren Pike for this entire fiasco.
    #1 – He never should have had the audacity to reapply for a job he was terminated from.
    #2 – He appears to have asked many folks to write glowing letters of endorsement in an attempt to be re hired.

    All of these posts just re opens the door and exposes the City of Port Orange to further ridicule and justifiably so.

  27. Copy of Ted Noftall’s  previous comments
    Pat Nelan
    Submitted on 2014/10/26 at 10:06 pm | In reply to Concerned citizen.

    If I were the deciding vote Concerned Citizen I would rehire Warren for several reasons none of which include being starry-eyed.

    1) Parker was no saint and his report condemning Warren was self serving in that it attempted to bury system wide internal control failures Parker had ignored for years.
    2) Warren’s failures pale by comparison with those of others who were never dealt with appropriately including Parker himself.
    3) Port Orange is unlikely to find anyone better qualified to run Public Works than Warren.
    4) Warren could be re-hired for a lot less that the $120,000 we are paying our department director experts and thus begin the start of ending that insanity.
    5) None of us including Warren are the same persons we were 3 years ago, AND with appropriate safeguards that should be in place system wide anyway Warren would do Port Orange a fine job.

    • With the “appropriate safeguards in place ” ?

      Does that mean that if he was rehired, he could not get away with it next time ?

      “Warren could be rehired for a lot less” ?

      Does that mean he has not been able to find employment since being terminated and would jump on the job for 30k per year ?

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