. July 12, 2015Port Orange City Council ….Johansson said in the council interviews that he subscribes to a “trust but verify” form of management, and sees citizen participation as a “necessary evil” of leadership, elaborating that he tends toward what he describes as “strategic communication.”… . I applaud Mr. Johansson for promising a “trust…

Port Orange Drainage Budget Presentation

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Has Any “City-wide drainage assessment really been completed” ??

. from: David Harden to : Tracy Riehm FYI David   From: Mike Gardner [] Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 1:21 PM To: Fenwick, Robin Cc: Green, Allen; Ford, Bob; Harden, David; Burnette, Don; Bastian, Drew; Stiltner, Scott Subject: Drainage Fund   Dear Robin, In the latest CAFR it states that “a complete City-wide drainage assessment…

Please Provide an Accurate Accounting – AS IS REQUIRED BY ORDINANCE.

. From: Ted Noftall [] Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 2:35 PM To: Harden, David; Riehm, Tracey Cc: Bob Ford;; Drew Bastian; Green, Allen; Scott Stiltner Subject: Irresponsible Storm water Rate Increase Request Manager Harden, . You and your hapless administration are behaving irresponsibility to be requesting double digit increases in the Non-Ad Valorem …

City Managers Weekly Summary | July 10, 2015

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Port Orange Labor Negotiations Status @ July 10, 2015

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My Florida Kayaking Adventures

.Paddling on Spruce Creek in Port Orange on a Sunday morning in May.  by Susan …. The more time I spend on Florida rivers, the more I’ve come to feel that the river cannot be rushed, that the longer the paddle, the better.  However, with this paddle, I discovered that when time does not allow for a long,…

An Investigation On The Deterioration Of The Spruce Creek Is Long Overdue

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City Council Meeting Summary for July 7, 2015

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Has City Council Lost Control of the Agenda?

. From: Newton White ….  [] Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2015 1:25 PM To: Fenwick, Robin; Harden, David; City Council Subject: Attorney’s document Robin, I hate to burden you for the proposed contract that the city attorney distributed on the dias last night, but please. It is my feeling that distributing documents such as the…

Higher Reserves s/b The New Normal

. In watching the council workshop meeting video of 30JUNE2015, I’m more in agreement with Mr. Ford’s minimumof 35%. And in no way … do we want to get into a [return to taxpayer] lose – lose scenario. Both federal, state an regional budgets are being cut, favoring austerity, more business-like management of municipalities / city government. Running a…

Brighthouse Warning

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Port Orange Fire Marshal Response

.. The LaCour / Atanasoski condominiums are going to be 17 stories tall. What jurisdiction covers a fire on the roof or 17th floor? If it’s the CoPO, what investments does the CoPO have to make to protect and respond to these towers? OR can the CoPO protect and respond with it’s current configuration? —…

I-95 Widening & Systems Interchange | July Issue

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Masci Demands $9,393 to Turn Over Records on Dunlawton Drainage Project

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Inventory Survey of School Traffic Signs at Sugar Mill Elementary Appears More Than Sufficient

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Republican Liberty Caucus of Volusia County at Houligans

. to Ted …. Hi all, Hope to see liberty minded Citizens For a Better Port Orange well represented tomorrow evening at the regular monthly meeting of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Volusia County at Houligans on Dunlawton Ave in Port Orange. Drinks and eats from the menu starting at 6:00 with the business meeting…

Commentary of City Council Meeting Agenda for July 7, 2015

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