. – Thank you Mr. Harden for your reply and the direction you have directed me to. Both the city charter and “Inspect what you expect” seem to be the tools I am looking for both city council and city manager to utilize. I will do research on your recommendations. sincerely, Hank Springer From Hank…

Dunlawton Ave. Project Stalled?

. Rivera, Cynthia via 3:26 PM (1 hour ago) to David, City, Alan, Michael, Chris, Nancy, Kynah Please see below for questions regarding Dunlawton Paving and signals. From: Kennedy, Jackie [] Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 3:21 PM To: Rivera, Cynthia Cc: Olson, Steve; Horton, Jennifer; Keane, Jessica; Coe, Frederick; Wabi, Paul; Grube, Dwight…

Summary of Agenda Action for March 17, 2015 Meeting

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Interesting Read from Hank Springer

. WHAT GOES ON IN PORT ORANGE SHOULD STAY IN PORT ORANGE? March 20, 2015Port Orange City CouncilBob Ford, citizens’ comments, Ted Noftall – WHAT GOES ON IN PORT ORANGE SHOULD STAY IN PORT ORANGE? Thank you Ted Noftall for the new information you have provided to me on an issue which may be connected…

What’s It Take to Get a Straight Answer in This Town!?

Citizen Noftall again asks a straightforward question and gets false and confusing answers. Good morning Manager Harden,   At the 03-17-201  Council meeting the Mayor was asked directly  if the current expenditure of approximately $2 million dollars on the filter system for the reclaimed lakes   would meet State requirements to allow reclaimed lake water processed…

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Status

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For Council then Public | Staff Update

.Council: Please see the attached document. This will be discussed at approximately 5:30 p.m. tonight. Robin ROBIN L. FENWICK, CMC CITY CLERK Scroll Window   42 Pages[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Presentation for Strategic Planning.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”900″ style=”embed”]

Help Wanted | Now Hiring

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Are Wetlands Better Protected than our Children?

From Citizen Noftall to the City Manager: Manager Harden,   Did I understand the Mayor correctly at the March 3rd 2015   Council meeting  when he advised  that  State regulations require  Port Orange reclaimed sprinkler water be treated to a higher level before it is legally permissible to spray this water on the City’s harvestable timber,…

Who Misappropriated Our Stormwater Drainage Funds | *UPDATE*

  3/12/2015 at  1:10 pm Robin, Thanks for the effort, but I was not making a public records request. The accounting I was asking for from Manager Harden was much more generic and would probably not be evident from financial records alone. For example, a drainage crew mowing medians would still show as a drainage…

Council Meeting Agenda for Mar. 17, 2015

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Florida Ethics Commision

. Submitted on 2015/03/09 at 10:57 pm by Calling  Don Juan  . Is Port Orange a cheating town? The newly hired Public Utilities Director Andrew Neff was called before the ethics commision on January 23,2015. It appears he was cleared. Was this before or after he was hired here? I don’t think Boy Scout behavior would…

Golf Course Renovation Budget

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Is North Port a Cheating Town?

. NORTH PORT – After hurricanes, floods or other disasters, no federal agency can provide more aid and comfort to a stricken community than FEMA. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay the salaries of city employees, buy equipment, provide temporary housing and offer sage advice. All FEMA asks is that the city’s workforce become…

North Port public works director heading to Port Orange

What Scandal? ….     NORTH PORT – Public works director Branford Adumuah will resign from his city job later this month, taking his talents to Florida’s east coast to a new but similar position. Adumuah, a North Port employee since 2004, will become the public works director for Port Orange, according to his resignation…

Port Orange Development Activity

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City Manager’s Weekly Update Mar. 6, 2015

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Council Meeting Summary Mar. 3, 2015

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