City Managers Weekly Summary | Nov. 6, 2015


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4 Opinions on “City Managers Weekly Summary | Nov. 6, 2015

  1. You wouldn’t be referring to the one attempting to waterboard employees through the hiring of an outside consultant so as to keep his own hands clean of the torture would you?

    • I would add to this, the one that is painting the tape with closed door one on one meetings with the city council in order to soften them up and lead them down the garden path. All bolstered by a strategic premeeting with the potentially enriched preferred consultant and facilitated by Jake the snake. Strategic communication, manipulation, and circumvention from an open and transparent vetting of the fax. This demonstrates that this covert strategy has been embarked upon with the presumption that our elected officials are either simple minded or corrupt and will succumb to this divide and conquer painting of the tape well in advance of the dog and pony show planned for November 17th.

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