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  1. I cannot think of a nice way of pointing out how poor the timing is. The YMCA leadership has chosen to close the week that the new LA Fitness is to be opening. LA is expected to have a soft opening Friday 10/3. What are they thinking? They have been dragging heels for months they could have stepped up a bit and got this rehab in before LA had a chance to finish their building or at this point wait a couple more weeks so as not to give the membership a great reason to go see the new facility while grand opening specials and promotions are in effect.

    My point is Leadership, with this display of judgement do we (citizen, shareholder, taxpayers) expect that the Y will survive in a competitive environment? Will or should the city be looking for a new operator of the community facility?

    Be prepared, my estimation remains the same. The Y will loose it’s full rate paying members and not be able to make budget with insurance paid members and discounted memberships. This will lead them to come to us the taxpayer for a deal or force closure and force the city to operate it or find a new operator.

    Newton White

      • Ok question…should our tax dollars be involved in projects like the Y at all? The private sector can do this much better now. Not like it was in the 30s when private sector fitness organizations did not exist. Or we needed the Y to provide lodging for homeless men during the Great Depression. Thoughts on this sacred cow called the Y? We belong to Snap Fitness in NSB. Great operation. Open 24/7. Immaculate.

        • Good questions. The Y our public private facility serves as far more than a fitness club. If it were only a fitness club I would say it should pay a fair market value in rent and not receive any special considerations or attention. I said long ago the city should seek another operator or be ready to operate it. Like the golf course it is not a choice of having it or not, we have it and must deal with it. I will say it again that if the Y leadership continues to perform poorly as they have and continue their will be someone else operating it.
          in full disclosure, I did not renew my paying Y membership for 2014, my wife attends as part of her health insurance program.

  2. Yeah, a better plan would have been to already have completed the renovations and be hosting their own open house of sorts during the Family Days event this weekend! LA Fitness is going to be a tough act to stay in front of. The Y is going to need to step up their game a bit!

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