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  1. Are the golfers in Cypress Head willing to pay the increased fees required to allow the golf course to repay its debt to city taxpayers?. It would appear they are not but it would be nice to hear from those rich old white folks themselves as to whether they will continue to play at ‘their’ course if fees are increased the 40% to 50% that will be required or if what all they are about is ensuring the city continues subsidizing golf at their country club.

    • What a flat out racist remark of ” rich old white folk” Must be Ted as he is the name caller!! This site is a Joke!!!

      • By your logic there Lance shouldn’t it been your dear old Daddy saying this given his propensity to call everyone from New York ‘ freeloaders ‘ from the dais when he complains how they don’t contribute anything or pay the fair price for anything..

      • Lance, what your daddy wants is to go back in time and protect the rich ole white folks who have lived here all their lives and think like him. He’s not a progressive thinking person and is content to have everything remain the same with him at the keel. He considers everyone who wasn’t born and raised in Port Orange a “foreigner” and has particular disdain for New Yorkers or for that matter anyone from “up North”. He is pathetic in his Mayoral duties and most of us can’t wait until his term is up.

  2. Lance: I guess Daddy and his board member friends should have stayed out of the Gardner’s back yard, then you would be getting your brand new one by now. Oh the circle of life.

    • Claudia; I say Amen to that.

      And if they stayed out of the Nelan’s backyard his blogging site (port-orange.us) would not exist.

      Also if they took care of the flooding problem at Newton White’s intersection that would be an additional activist missing at council meetings.

      O, what a tangled web Green’s administration weaves.

      • Lets not forget that the incompetent Mary Anderson created John Cheney as an activist, AND let me add if they had done other than jerk me around requiring my spending needless thousands to build a warehouse in an industrial park they would not have me as an activist either.

  3. Allen did me a favor….Got to really know my neighbors…..Got to know Ted Noftall and many of the other brilliant thinkers in Port Orange…..found this wonderful blog….got to know Pat Nelan and Hank Springer…worked on a campaign for the Honorable Dr Bob Ford and prevailed….whew!!……am now a trained campaign staff member…ready for the next one…..and my candidate Bob Ford is a very decent man…and another brilliant thinker…..we do not always agree…but always proud to call him my friend…and I always wish him well..

    ..and before all this Dianne was just sinking into a morass of frivolous retirement activities…..now she is a fully engaged member of the loyal opposition who has some real understanding of local issues…..did not have that on any level before… and I will work for good governance in the COPO……as I perceive it …till I am dead. …Or brain dead…yeah…. I know some would argue I am there already. I hope more people will join us…..you can do that blog readers without waiting to be egregiously wronged by the COPO. :)…if nothing else sitting around in a room with Ted Noftall, Mike Gardner, Mark Schaefer, Bob Ford, et al will sharpen your abilities to debate forensically….maybe stave off cognitive decline…I like hanging out with a bunch of seriously smart people who really give a damn about things they believe in….been a very good thing for me…SO…..thank you Mayor Green!!

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