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Volusia County Sheriff’s LE-3 channel
Daytona Beach Police Dispatch

Ormond Beach Police Dispatch

Holly Hill Police Dispatch

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  1. What is going on in south daytona? Over 30 plus cops from beville to big tree along with more cops up and down every side street on palmetto. I also saw and heard a helicopter flying Around. Can I get some insight as to what’s going on?

  2. Shouldn’t this Port Orange website be redistributing police chatter from Port Orange, instead of Daytona/Ormond?

      • Wow,popd radio transmissions coming to this web site. That will be great. I had once streamed up popd radio audio tol Ustream and found that only 2 people were listening to the transmissions. Because it tied up one of my radios, my video camera and a laptop I stopped providing a live audio stream. I do my best to text repeat popd radio calls on my web site I find that most people do not have the time or patience to listen to police radio calls but prefer to read a text log of incidents. But for those few who do like to listen the popd radio live stream audio which is coming to this web site will be greatly appreciated. I know that when I go out of the county I will be tuning into the police calls of popd when it is being broadcasted on this web site.

        Way to go Pat. Thanks — hank

        • Hank; Before it goes live, I am working on a script routine to provide a several minute audio delay on all transmission, thus, it would not become useful to someone involved in a crime in progress. — Pat

          • sounds like a good idea Pat. Although not legally necessary, in your interest and mine for public safety it serves everyone’s best interest. I am looking forward to referencing your live audio stream to your web site.

            Only as a suggestion, when I put my voice activated tape recorder on doing the night I find that two police channels are enough to try and follow. LE 5 which has 4 police department on that channel. Tac 5 which usually used as a car to car work investigation in progress channel for LE 5 and the air one channel. But its your choice. FD dispatch could be used but at times is on the air and blocking LE 5 radio traffic unless you put LE 5 on priority. I like that the fire radio gives out the time of all transmissions but police do not.

            Yes,looking forward to the live police radio on your web site.
            thanks, again.

            • Hank; Below is image of the FCC national database listing for Port Orange. However, it appears to be more than a year old, does this data appear to be still valid for the Port Orange systems ?? — Pat


              • Pat those are old channels used when RCC was operating.
                For sensitive info popd infrequently still use 07-021, but prefer cell phones if they have the time. I myself in order not to interfere with public safety would not broadcast 07-021.
                I would not be surprised that 07-080 to 07-082 might still be used by popd detectives. Those also I would not broadcast. Those channels are probably worthwhile to the news media, but even there the bulk of the information that news media might want to respond to is on the other newer used channels.
                I would suggest
                01-154 air one channel
                01-052 LE 5: beach patrol, ponce inlet,Daytona beach shores, south Daytona and popd.
                01-053 tac 5. Car to car and some times extended investigations on this channel.
                I think radio reference .com has the newer channels you might be interested in.
                Good luck on programing the trunk frequencies and trunk channels. I have a hard time doing it now. Use to be able, but it has become too complicated for me. But if you need help,perhaps I can contribute.
                I suggest that you borrow my new uniden portable scanner which automatically tunes in all the frequencies available to your zip code. The nice feature is that you can manually peruse all the channels in VC by turning the tuning know and each channel will come up, identifying what is used on that channel, with the channel number listed.
                01-042 is the channel for dispatching east VC fire calls, but I would not include that in my broadcast list. If rescue or evac is responding to something serious we would hear about it on one of the police radio channels.
                You are sharp Pat and you helped me with a better looking web site and I appreciate that. You probably won’t have any problems, But if you need help, give me a call, and maybe I can help.
                Good luck

          • The upload/download of the internet already provides a delay. Redistribute “dispatch” channels only – as opposed to those good ol’ fashioned man-hunt tacticals. The dumb criminals won’t understand. The smart ones, however, are already holding and programming their own devices. Put PO and DBS up before Daytona does.

            • I agree with Hank, feed in LE 5 (aka talk group 01-052) which would bring in dispatch for PO, SD, DBS, POLICE. Also consider adding in 01-067 (LE 7) to get NSB, Edgewater. Doing this puts the entire coast of east Volusia online. (In toto, Its 2 talk groups. manageable.)

    • Brent:

      All local government agencies in Volusia County operate via the County Sheriff’s Central Communications System. This is a trunking system operating in the 800mHz band (see chart below)

      Hit “Control +” on your keyboard several times to Pop-out the text

  3. There was a huge amount of local, state and sheriff activity on Williamson Daytona Beach today around 10am.

    What happened?

  4. Has anyone stopped a man on a blue 3 wheel bicycle on N Atlantic recently? He left 1050 South Shore at 2:10 pm headed to Ormond Parkway. Thanks 561-602-9078

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