Did anybody understand all the mumbo jumbo?


Did Mr Neff confuse the City Council on purpose again?

Submitted on 2015/11/17 at 11:02 pm by Confused

The inflow report was confusing. The inflow was already added as part of the average daily flow reported by Mr Neff. Then Ted said we needed to add 1.8 million gallons of inflow and Neff agreed. Shouldn’t you have subtracted that? That put the plant capacity up to 3/4 when it is really closer to half with the inflow included as I thought I understood it.

Somehow capacity equated to money. Didn’t get that either. The energy thing was all that made any sense. He said the inflow was part of the daily flows. It must come through some sort of meter. How could you come up with a number if not measured?

And to ice the cake council previously told us the meter exchange program would pay for itself. New meters, more lost water, no increase in revenue. Very promising. Keep up the good work.

It is obvious council is so confused they haven’t a clue. Our tax dollars are being blown by the million and nobody knows what the hell they are doing. Heck let’s order another study or two. We’re not broke yet.

Mr Ford was right. The pensioners will pay too. Did anybody understand all the mumbo jumbo? Oh that’s right Mr. Neff indicated growth with consumption falling. He said he would explain that later.

Poor Mr. Ford got confused too and obviously forgot through all the b.s. and never received an explanation. Wow!

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  1. This guy (Neff) is a real piece of work !

    I don’t think you could ask him a simple question and receive a straight answer.

    • This is the “new” culture he created in Clearwater. Assistant Director-fired. Lab Supervisor-fired. Oh and then he left taxpayers holding the bag. Don’t forget the study.


      His reorganization is failing here as we speak. Nobody in the Department supports it but him. The Department will be left in shambles when he is done. Maybe council should drop down a level and entertain staffs concerns. A vote of no confidence is imminent. The culture was fine. Not anymore. We’re tired of employees working for consultants who suck the information from them and make a pretty report of what we already know. It’s not the faucet left running its taxpayer wallets that need to be plugged.

    • What a clear pattern this guy has !

      Remember, he was Harden’s guy, not Jake’s . I don’t think Jake will tolerate him for long.

      • Hopefully CM will open his eyes soon. He must not be paying much attention to the numerous lunches that Neff and his very own personal “finance buddy” are taking. Considering all of the money that Neff is trying to waste maybe these “lunches” should include the public taxpayers. Perhaps this “finance buddy” should share her time with other departments that also need financial backing. It’s just a matter of time before these two hit the papers and the”ethics” committee.

    • Interestingly, Mr. Neff’s current senior management team, who he has systematically disenfranchised and totally alienated has made the collective assessment that he has no substantive practical understanding of the holistic nuts and bolts of utility operations, planning, or sustainability at any level. He also has an elitist attitude which totally disrespects anyone who is not an engineer or is not willingly obsequious in accommodating his pathologic narcissistic requirements and deluded personal vision. The problem is that he perpetually defaults to dependence on the same people that he has no respect for and has methodically alienated. He is also now dependent for professional validation on a couple of large consulting engineering firms who he has courted with the promise of over a million dollars of potential consulting fees. It is his hope that these consultants will validate his megalomaniacal grandiosity and forge him a roadmap that will justify him unlimited funding, providing him with a program of high priced capital projects for years to come, remove any personal exposure or accountability he should have as a director, and keep him in a high paying job for the next decade until he retires. Remember, Mr. Neff’s modus operandi is deferred accountability and limited personal exposure. The same manipulations that he perpetrated in past assignments that may have caused his last four government employers to compel him to resign from his previous directorial assignments have now become his resurrected plan to realize a delusion that was cut short repeatedly in the past before the collateral damage he had perpetrated became irreparable. His flawed intellect has now been exposed, realistically assed as quite limited, and seen for its recidivistic disfunctionality. At this point, Mr. Neff is probably fantasizing about firing a dozen senior Public Utility employees that he depends upon to script everything he brings before council, does every aspect of his job, and wipes his hiney on a daily basis round robin. In his scheming, self preserving, and delusional mind he actually believes that he can convince a new city manager and the council to approve him to replace his senior management team with a new senior management team that he imports of his choosing, pay them six figures each, that they will be extensions of his own persona and work to make his deluded vision a reality, and sell this as a succesorship plan for the department’s sustainability. We can all thank David Harden for the exercise of his prerogative in circumventing the civil service rules and summoning in Mr. Neff, vetting him contrary to the city of Port Orange’s bylaws, and turning a deaf ear to all the recommendations against making this imprudent selection.

    • Burnette is a joke with his finger up in the air. He was on the Marc Bernier radio show last week praising Hardens hiring of Neff and Amatiella as a good thing.

    • Unfortunately career or long term military men who were in charge all have similar techniques for dealing with people. Soldiers are trained to march, march, march, follow orders, follow orders, follow orders, do not question their superiors, do not question their superiors, do not question their superiors,..even if it means getting their heads blown off. Neff being a little Napoleon who thinks he is a leader of men. In reality, no one can stand him. He would be well advised to understand that the people who work for him know a hell of a lot more about utilities than he ever will and that the citizens of Port Orange are not going to stand for screwing with their Utility rates.

      • Mr. Neff comes into town and all of a sudden all of our water facilities (which have been rated very high previously) are in need of extensive repairs or replacement ?
        It’s obvious that he is a bookworm type of guy and knows little about what transpires in the field. He is not a prudent budget guy and requests more and more.
        Will have a short tenure. I don’t think the council is impressed at all.

  2. Mr. Neff says we can’t expect the council to swallow the elephant all at once. We have to feed it to them in bits and pieces a little at a time. Sounds like elephant shit to me.

  3. Mr. Neff says,* be brilliant, be brief, be.gone.Do not speak to long before the council because they may start asking you questions you can not answer.” It sounds like Mr. Neff is cut out of the same cloth as Greg Kisela. Maybe Jason Yarborough can use himas an assistant city manager in Lake Helen.

  4. Why Use A Consultant?
    Views from the Cubicle

    In his book, “The Dilbert Principle,” Scott Adams provides a view of consultants as seen from the office cubicle:
    • “Consultants have credibility because they are not dumb enough to be regular employees of your company.”
    • “Consultants eventually leave, which makes them scapegoats for major management blunders.”
    • “Consultants can schedule time on the boss’s calendar because they don’t have your reputation as a whiney little troublemaker who constantly brings up unsolvable issues.”
    • “Consultants will return your boss’s calls because it’s all billable time.”
    • “Consultants work preposterously long hours, thus making the regular employees feel like worthless toads for working only 60 hours a week.”
    • And finally, “Consultants will rarely deal with the root cause of your company’s problems, since it’s probably the person that hired them.”

  5. They use consultants because they have no answers or a plan of their own. Nor are they capable of even developing a plan. When the plan fails someone else gets the blame. He gets paid as an “Engineer”. What has he engineered? Absolutely Nothing! A clerk could process quotes from high priced consultants. No need for a non engineering engineer. We have spent more on consultants than we have on our actual problems. That’s why we can’t do shovel ready projects. We couldn’t plan one on our own and after consultant fees we can’t afford a damn shovel. Duh!!!!

  6. Hey where did Neff’s master planning work shop go that the council was anxiously demanding? It looks like the covertly planned one on one tape painting sessions that the city manager orchestrating with Neff and his high priced engineering consultant designed to divide and conquer the council members and break down their resolve in individual sessions backfired. Transparency would seem to dictate having a work shop in a public forum so Neff can show his wares and the council and city activists could drill down with questions that reveal just how morally and intellectually destitute he really is. It looks like Opaque Jake shit canned that in order to help Neff save face. I suppose now the future of Port Orange is transparency out the front door and strategic communication in through the back door!

  7. I finally got a chance to view the video of Neff’s reports to council on I&I and meters. It was rife with confusion, half truths and improper terminology. It is clear that this guy has very little knowledge and understanding of utilities operation and management. Even when Bob Ford tried to nail him on a few things he continued to try and blow smoke up councils collective rear ends. It was embarrassing to watch his ineptitude and seeing council eat that crap up. His remarks about I&I and plant flows/capacity were off base. He improperly kept referring to lift stations as problems and not clarifying how they factored in to the I&I equation. That leads to more confusion ad makes it look like we have a bigger problem and need to spend more than we need to. He glossed over the subject of large meters, many of which are improperly installed. His overview of water plant metering was confusing at best and looked as though he was trying to take credit for work in that area. when plant operations and maintenance has been working on improving accountability of water used in the plant processes for a few years before he got here. There were several questions that council and citizens asked and they got the usual answer, I’ll get back to you. It shows he was not well prepared. I could have answered some of them right on the spot.

  8. FYI, Richard Woodman was the Maintenance Superintendent for Port Orange Public Utilities for over 35 years and probably has more systemic institutional knowledge of our utility system than anyone else. He does not have a personal axe to grind with Mr. Neff. It is just very clear to him that Mr. Neff does not know his ass from his elbow about public utility systems in general and our specifically. Woody’s objective observations are further evidence that we are now saddled with another incompetent utility director in the similitude of Tiny Yarborough.

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