6 Opinions on “Does everyone drive their kids to school on CITY TIME? If not – why not?

  1. I am sure it’s easy to find out if he has a city vehicle and if he was on city time. You seem to be asking a question to stir the pot so to speak. Is it that you know the answer and just want to use the email to upset people? I am just curious. Have you researched any of this at all??

    • Pretty naive on your part OMG. Have you ever tried to get answers to questions like these from our city? Don’t bother. You should watch the next city council meeting and see what happens when you ask a question. Usually the mayor says “We’ll get back with you.” This is a bald-faced lie on his part and is becomming so laughable that the newest response is no response at all. Silence can not be a lie can it?

  2. Under the Ted Notfall Administration this would be a firing event! If you don’t believe that just watch any council meeting where Ted blames pretty much everything in Port Orange on the CM ACM, City Attorney and council!

    • No, under the Ted Noftall Administration this would be looked into objectively and without partiality. Employees would be treated fairly and equitably. There would be no more prima donnas. That means that we would not be providing special dispensation for certain administrators like exemption from living within the city to accommodate their lifestyle and other perks contrary to civil service that not only the rest of our employees do not receive, but neither do long term stakeholders that have been a part of this community for decades that have provided dedicated service to the City of Port Orange throughout their tenure not even receive.

      • POE Wow you are drinking the Kool aide for sure. Ted would show no objectivity at all! First Ted could not contain himself by demanding this firing. Ted thinks he is the white knight saving the city from the horrible government people. Government is bad unless it pays the bills which it does for Ted because he has DOE contracts for his storage units. So government is corrupt unless you can take the money then it is all good. I wonder how much he overcharges the good ole USA for his units? Not saying he is crooked but maybe he should post his financials so we know that he is as honest as he claims.
        Once again not saying he is crooked but i find it amazing that he claims how corrupt the government is yet has no problem taking their money.
        Will he win? Don’t know but I know if he does the city will be a fun place for the NJ to report from.

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