"Buckle up" Port Orange–Burnette Foretells of a Rough Ride as New Mayor

If last Tuesday’s City Council meeting was any indication of what the future holds, it promises to be a long

Ted's letter to the Editor of Daytona News Journal about poor Journalistic Ethics

To:  Pat Rice Editor at Daytona Beach News-Journal       Pat, Not only is today’s article   Port Orange mayoral

What's Going On at Port Orange City Hall?

Un-authorizied use of City seal – by Councilman Burnette …. To Jake Johannson, City Manager Manager Johansson  I have 3

Burnette's Political Campaign Looks More Like a Political Con Game

Don Burnette’s campaign for Mayor of Port Orange sunk deeper into the politics of deception this past week.   His use

Shhh! – What Ever You Do! Don't Tell The City Council or Taxpayers! ….

. Train Wreck at Port Orange Reclaimed Lakes?   Why are we running out of reclaimed water? After all the city

Port Orange Reclaimed Water Supply Suspended

. Port Orange City Hall … Daytime Reclaimed Water Suspended for Selected Port Orange Subdivisions – Suspended until Further Notice

Oops! Daytona Earthquake was a Navy 10,000-pound Underwater Explosion

.   Daytona Beach …  A mysterious “earthquake” detected off the Florida coast over the weekend was actually the result