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golfers are not bad people but do they work for a living? I jest. lighten up -- hank

golfers are not bad people but do they work for a living? I jest. lighten up — hank

from hank springer

It always distresses me to hear the financial report from the Cypress Head Golf Course.  The course is losing money and owes a million or so dollars to the city of Port Orange.  I have heard that a commitment had been made by a city council years ago to the residents in Cypress Head to keep a city golf course in their community.  Compare that commitment with tonight’s threat by the master developer of Riverwalk Park to abandon efforts with the city to build a park, unless he got the council’s agreement to give him tax money for his endeavors.  Some commitment the developer had made with the city isn’t it. I wished the city council did not agree to his demands, but they did.

I wonder if such a commitment to Cypress Head people has to go on forever, even in bad economical times, especially for that golf course, and all golf courses.  We are allowed now with the new management of the golf course, which shows up at council meetings with a cadre of 4 agents, to consider that there has been a lot of rain which contributed to poor financial revenue.  I remember my e mail to Ken Parker, when he had stated to the former management team of the golf course, that rain was no excuse for low revenue.  I asked Mr. Parker, how in the world can the city take such a position, and the answer was that the golf course should make use of different options like special affairs for their restaurant.  By the way, rain or no rain, the restaurant too is not doing financially well.

I do wonder if a lot of personality is at play between our vendors and city hall.  I am going to ask the Mayor his perspective on why after many years of good work by the city’s landscaper, the landscaper suddenly quit.  It is now costing the city twice as much, or as some have pointed out three times as much for the city to mow the grass than to be paying a landscaper.  I think part of the problem is the attitude by the city manager who said “What difference does it make” if it is costing the city twice or three times as much as what we would  pay a landscaper.

But let us not forget that we also have a mayor who said on TV that citizens who want to keep taxes down are not good citizens.

And now, some people are asking for all these negative things to not be printed, spoken and highlighted. In other words, what difference does it make?  One must wonder what the heck is wrong with city hall and its supporters.

If you stick up for city hall when it is losing million of tax payers money, do you get something in return?   Councilman Kennedy said tonight, stop all the negative talking about city government. I say It would be nice if city government could stop all the negative revelations that are still going on.

The reaction to a group of citizens who keep harping on fixing things and reform saddens me.  It shows me that the we are family culture goes beyond city hall and has influenced a significant portion of citizens.  I cannot help but notice that one lady who spoke at the city council meeting of 7 22 14, and asked to stop the people coming up to the microphone and saying negative things about city government, that she understands the language the mayor speaks, because she too is in construction.

In my opinion, the family has some deep problems which need to be sorted out and not ignored.

I wonder if I am even in the extended family.

Mike Gardner gave a wonderful presentation to the city council on 7 22 14 about the Cypress Head Golf course and its financial difficulties.  I hope to post a video of his remarks, on 7 23 14

— hank springer

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  1. Are residents soon to pay higher water fees so the Golf Course can borrow more money from the water accounts?

    And is that one of the reason of the recent neglect on water and sewer projects?

    I bet most city residents do not know that the golf course borrowed and owes millions of dollars to the city’s water & sewer accounts. And is in ARREARS on repayment of those loans.

    • to concerned citizen. I understand that I am an “investor”. and I understand that I am not a good citizen because I want to keep my taxes down. and I understand that I am a stooge for Mr. Woodman, as one reader told me. I also am not “objective” in my opinions about city hall. I should be ashamed of my self. Maybe like Mayor Green I should speak to a lawyer about all these people questioning my integrity. Even at my age, it is still difficult to see how some people can be so far apart on opinions about this city hall.

  2. If I’m not mistaken I believe the woman who got up at the last council meeting and complained about all the negativity is married to the Utility Dept, Engineer who is taking a lot of flak right now.

    • If that is true I’m surprised. When I was there I was prohibited from speaking to council with the threat of being fired. I’m sure if my wife had done that I would have been fired. What’s up with that? There were many times that my wife wanted to yell at council because of the way I was being treated. I had to plead with her not to, for fear of loosing my job. The term prohibited discrimination comes to mind when I think of my situation as a city employee, I wish I knew the city didn’t tolerate prohibited discrimination back then. I thought in my case it was encouraged. I have a health problems that is according to the Americans with disabilities act recognized as a true disability. I documented it in writing to My Bosses and the HR department. I was ridiculed and made the brunt of jokes for it, like sharks in a feeding frenzy. I was threatened with firing for taking leave for doctor appointments and using sick time. This CRAP caused my health to decline and was literally killing me. I have a lot more to say about this but I’ll save it for another time and another place.

      • R. Woodman–
        The woman in question introduced herself as Susan Stewart Griffith. I’m guessing at the spelling of her name but I assumed she was related to Fred Griffith. Maybe, maybe not. I didn’t understand her saying that a couple speakers at the meeting prior to this one were “using an alias” and that someone “supposedly named Ted Noftall” had been appointed to the Audit and Budget Board. Maybe she means that everyone should be using their full names? Should I introduce myself as Michael Lee Gardner if I speak to Council? I never thought of Mike Gardner as an alias but maybe it is.

        One thing is for sure. In a City that is having trouble finding over a million dollars owed it by a local paving company, can’t accurately account for millions of cubic yards of dirt, is getting ready to loan a failing golf course over one and a half million dollars, regularly runs off competent employees who do nothing more than tell the truth, and is giving five to ten million taxpayer dollars to a smoke-and-mirrors Riverwalk developer her concerns about aliases are “CRAP.” (Her term at the Council meeting.) Gimme a break, lady. We’ve got REAL problems.

        Mike Gardner
        618 Ruth St
        Port Orange, FL 32127

        • If nothing comes up for me tomorrow I hope to post a video of Susan Stewart Griffith’s statement to the city council. She did get cut off by the Mayor and she said she will return to finish her statement at the next city council meeting.

          • I imagine I am Colombo walking out the room and then turning around and asking Susan, “Oh Sue, one more thing. I don’t want to bother you but I can’t help wondering if it’s so important for that paper work to have been filed, why no one on city staff demanded it to be completed. Would you know?”
            And all my rain coats are dirty. I brought them down dirty from New York.

      • Didn’t Drew Bastians brother get up numerous times in his flip flops while Drew was running for Counsel? As well as Rod Gozinya during contract negotiations with the other ff crybabies with their signs ??

  3. Do we also have a group of Port Orange Citizens called “Ass Kissers Club”? The lady who came up to the Dias to speak is indeed the wife of the Public Works Utility Engineer. I didn’t think that was allowed, however, I noted that she rambled on and on with some senseless babble for well over her three minute limit without being told , Enough, Sit Down, Shut Up.

  4. Sure hope Sue, Suzy or whatever other alias she uses in her daily life doesn’t go through with her “threat” to continue the babble at the next council meeting. With all the current problems we don’t have time for people making butts of themselves.

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