You Can’t Blame A Guy For Trying … He Did The Best He Could

hiringCorey, I understand where you are coming from, but let’s not beat up a man who is down after losing the battle.

Probably Greg is a good man, but wasn’t up to the hard job awaiting him here in Port Orange, and more probably he was taken under the wing of Mayor Green as one of Green’s  team players.  Someone needs to get through to the next city manager that if he follows the orders of Mayor Green, he will be in trouble, because there is a new mood in America and in Port Orange which the old timers can not adjust to..

I wish Greg well, and I applaud him for  finally coming to grips with the reality here in Port Orange.  A city manager’s job in most cities in Florida is a tough job.  I wonder how Parker instructs his students about how to walk the line of appeasing the influential in a city, while still doing what is right for the public.  Or perhaps I have it all wrong.  The city council should be looking out for the public, and the city manager merely follows orders from the city council.  I think that Greg perhaps felt that was is job here in Port Orange.  Can any one not think  after all is said and done,that  the failures in our city government can be laid on the heads of former city council people, and especially Mayor Green?

.I remember Bob Pohlmann, Mary Martin, George Steindoerfer and the man good at summarizing the problems, Dennis Kennedy.
Well not to worry,  Green is still here, and he will get to the bottom of all these mistakes.  I can go back to listening to and reporting the police calls on the scanner.  A simpler world, where right and wrong are more defined and clear.
Heads up Corey.  Things may get better.

From Hank Springer
386 852 3178

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 20:27:17 -0400
Subject: Destin deserves you

Greg do us all a favor and resign tomorrow.  Destin deserves you as with you here our city has had even more trouble with finances and the transparency being just like looking through electrical tape.  I will help you locate a mover to help you move up to Destin.  I have a friend who owns J and M moving who can give you a quote.  The housing market for sale prices are also increasing so you should be able to maybe break even or make some money on the sale of your house.  I will not miss you but do wish the city of Destin a big thank you for taking you from us.
Corey Berman

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  1. Me. Berman’s letter is very uncalled for. It is indicative of his maturity and furthers illustrates why he will never be a viable candidate for political office. He should have thought before hitting the send button on his keyboard. He wants compassion for his family situation yet acts like this ?

  2. I too will be glad when Kisela leaves office because of his misguided allegiance to Mayor Green and his extremely poor choices of upper management hires he created a hostile work environment for many good employees. As to Corey Berman well lets face it folks, everytime he gets up in front of council and says “I’m Mr. Port Orange” I feel like laughing out loud (but that’s not allowed at Council Meetings.) He may run a business but he is a JOKE WITH A CAPITAL “J”.and an embarrassment. If he thinks he’s representing the citizens of Port Orange he’s OH SO Wrong.

    • Am I correct that Wayne Saunders was a City Manager finalist who finished second to Kisela ? And then the finance department fiasco with John Shelly went down – they put Saunders in on an interim basis and then Kisela made him the permenant Finance Director ? Is this how it went down ?

      One other area of clarification please – the HR director fiasco with Zicker. After that they did not hire an HR Director but combined HR with IT ? Is that one accurate as well ? If so – that seems like another bonehead move. It will take an eternity to clean all these messes up.

  3. The city is ate up with the peter principle. They tried HR with IT before it didn’t work. They had a lousy HR director and then they also made him responsible for IT which he knew absolutely nothing about. The city should hire management that are expert professionals in the field that they will be managing.

    Now we have an HR director that is not a expert professional in the HR field and if they are also in charge of IT they are not an expert in that field either. Isn’t this amazing? Patchwork management.

    • Yes, Mr. Woodman and the new H.R/I.T. director was awarded that position as a linchpin to get her through 2 more years to 25 year vestment when the renewal of the contract for her previous $125,000 position was getting ready to expire and the position was being fazed out. They let her keep her salary even though she was stepping into a lower position that was being paid $40,000 less for the previous HR director.She earned the new hybrid position which she is most certainly not qualified for by lining up her subordinates she was managing and assisting the city manager in coercing them and having them drink the scapegoat Koolaid that Kisela prepared for them. This is after she cried on their shoulders on a daily bases to console her for all the personal problems she was experiencing at the time. Real nice self serving person wouldn’t you say? Well Kisela’s karma is sure finding him now, so as for the new HR/IT director, and as the old saying goes, whatever goes around comes around.

  4. I think Kisela sees the handwriting on the wall and knows that the city under his management is imploding and decided to get out of here before he gets shit-canned like he did in Walton County.

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