Is The New City Manager Really Given $20,000 Salary Increases To Some City Employees?

I have been skeptical about some of Ted Noftall’s polarized positions and delivery in the past and have expressed no small criticisms and questionings about some of his positions but after the last council meeting I would vote for Ted Noftall as mayor in a heartbeat. The last council meeting was an extreme indictment of the moral destitution of the mayor, the city council, and the administrative management team that David Harden has put in place. The new city manager has solidified this moral destitution.

I see commander Jake as one in the similitude of the military commanders in Afghanistan military bases that court marshals enlisted military heroes that intervene on military bases to try and protect kids when Afghans trained to fight against the Taliban rape 12 year old boys on U.S. military bases. The commanders order the military heroes to look the other way when their trainees sodomize children on military bases because it conflicts with their primary mission. Jake fired Cindy Riviera’s son without due process as part of his mission and has also delivered a mortal blow to open and transparent governance in Port Orange. The council has given their assent to this even though it was contrary to an existing council resolution. Even Bob Ford has for all practical purposes given his assent to this and thought that a few symbolical votes would preserve his manhood and integrity in the eyes of his constituency.

Oh by the way the eleventh hour decision to allow Alan Rosen to disrespect the city by not wanting to become a resident and still be eligible for his $20,000 dollar raise with Ford’s assent that Federal Law dictated this. Give me a break, you all procure a Christian preacher to bless your folly and then you make allowances for Rosen you do not even make for all the employees who are Christians that are compelled to work on the Christian Sabbath according to their beliefs. He cannot create a spark with his automobile ignition to drive to the temple during Sabbath. Does that mean he does not watch television (high voltage unit), answer his cell phone, turn on a light bulb or any electronic device, or set his heater/air conditioner thermostat to ignite its control circuit? Is he exempt from emergency management during hurricanes, being incommunicado from Friday 6 P.M. to Saturday 6 P.M. every week and have no fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayers that pay his six figure salary during this time every week? Did the city council provide him with the sole exemption of this council resolution and no other employee so that he would qualify for his $20,000 dollar raise in a couple of weeks? Did all the city council conspire to sell their souls at the recent shade meeting?

I am one hundred percent in to support Ted Noftall for our next mayor and hopefully a number of extremely honest city employees that will be retiring from their city employment out of disgust will run for city council in the next few years and hopefully if they are successful they might finally clean this special interest cesspool up in Port Orange and purge our beautiful city of all of this insidious bad karma.

Bob Ford was the great white hope but he is not much better than the rest of his fellow rats and likes to contact people and cry on their shoulders and then contradict himself on the Dias in the spirit of political correctness commending the same devils within the city that have created the very situations he weakly protests. This is sad because Bob has a vestige of decency but he eventually sells out to his demonic colleagues.

I will say that we need to ensure that Ted Noftall is elected as the next mayor and that hopefully a number of very honest retired employees that are very wise to all of the internal corruption and are somewhat more moderate than Ted yet stalwart in their convictions will be elected to council and expose how deep the corruption is in city hall and methodically root it out. In that day their will be no special interest, no kick backs, no business monopolies, no railroading of opposition, and no opposition to transparency. The mayor, the rest of council, special interest, and the new city manager has effectively attempted to shut down the potentiality of this happening.

Pat Nelan’s blog and our financial support of it can force that transparency and posting of all the city manager’s emails here. I am surprised that these FOI’s that Pat received are not posted here yet. I hope that the cyber attack on this website yesterday was not an attempt to intimidate Mr. Nelan and threaten him not to pursue the posting of these emails on this site. We need to step up and financially support the endeavor to force transparency exercising our rights under the U.S.A. Constitution.

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  1. I questioned the residence decision. Port Orange is a very neighboring community to Ormond less than a 15 minute drive. While I respect religious beliefs, he goes to work 5 days per week and his church one or two.
    To me it seems obvious that he prefers the high life in Ormond and never really had a desire to live in Port Orange.

    Please illustrate how Federal Law comes into play. We are not asking him to work on the sabbath day.

  2. Tron,

    Mr Rosen asked for, and was granted, a “reasonable accommodation” to the City’s workplace rules based on his religious beliefs. A reasonable accommodation means that the City cannot be unduly burdened by the accommodation. I think you are correct in pointing out that the taxpayers are “unduly burdened” by the extravagant salaries and benefits of Mr Rosen and other ranking management personnel. I’m also curious as to whether such an accommodation would have been granted to a normal rank-and-file employee–certainly our illustrious Council would not have passed an ordinance to that effect. I have to laugh to myself every time the mayor gets upset at a citizen for wasting time at the podium when the Council wastes more time and money on trivial BS like this than any concerned citizen ever could.

    I have heard it said of Ted Noftall that he IS TOO HONEST to be elected Mayor and I, for one, have never heard him lie about an issue to please any powers that be. If an honest man can’t be elected what does that say about the current crop of dusters we have on the dais? I look up there from the cheap seats and see people who have made careers out of compromising their principles. (Or maybe they had no principles to start with?) It’s time we elected a man who will tell the truth even if it means not getting elected rather than one who lie to get elected.

  3. I wonder what the accommodation is for the fire chief. He was supposed to have moved into the city by August 1. Its interesting how the city ignores the rules for its department heads.

  4. I’m predicting that the Fire Chief won’t last until the end of the month. It would seem he has no intention to move to Port Orange.

  5. Ok I would think that the people on this website would know that the city manager did not give out the raises, but it was actually the city council. The city manager acts on the decision of the council. I think that some people may be wanting to make the city manager look bad even when they know council makes the decisions, if that is the case shame on all of you. If it is not the case and your just now realizing that the city manager only acts on what council wants please forgive me.

  6. Tron you should never say he should change his religion, that is very bad. I am ashamed for you that you are making fun of or saying that he should change his religion. If you think that it is ok to make fun of people for there religion I think you need to realize the world does not revolve around just you.

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