Was The Mayor Caught On Tape Talking About Killing Someone & Burying The Body?

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I just knocked Ted in the head

… Hank & Pat;  check out the beginning of the video tape from the last council meeting.  There was an open microphone and the Mayor was caught talking about what sounds like wanting to kill one of his political opponents and bury their body.  Some parts of his conversation are hard to hear and other parts are real clear.  Near the start of the tape it sounds like he was upset about the treatment a female had received.   That may or may not have been about bad treatment his Goddaughter Sonya Laney had received.     Sounds like he said   ….these new rules are bad ……can I just knock him in the head and bury the body…      I suggest you quickly make a copy of that video because even though it is a public record when they hear it they will most likely edit the video


You may need to adjust your volume control

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  1. While this is a bit far fetched, it does lend to the Mayor’s lack of education and old school attitude.

    Keep digging though, he will slip up royally some day and none too soon.

    • He is such an idiot that he blurts out things without thinking and while he is being video taped, as on the nightly news. These will come back to bite him in the ass.

    • To Listened carefully

      I replayed the video about 5 times. It is clear the Mayor is talking about wracking a person and the City Attorney retorts with “Well they shot horses don’t they”

      So I guess you are half right

  2. I don’t think we should make too much out of this off handed comment which Green made to someone. There are other public comments for which Green should be held accountable. This one is insignificant. — hank

  3. Wow! Take a look on the City’s campaign website. See how much Sonja Laney has received from the Riverwalk developers. Why did she return Buddy LaCour’s $1,000 and then take $2,200 from LaCour’s partners Atanasoski (Buddy’s Riverwalk partners) and the $350 from the McGurns (another Buddy land partner and employer of the Mayor’s youngest son while he was at college) and $700 from Parker Mynchberg (Buddy’s engineer). She does because this is the last campaign financial report, so it can’t be a campaign issue? Is she bought and sold? Ethical — ha! Does she think everyone is stupid? She’ll make a great addition to the Council (not). Mayor you’ve fed a great ally in Sonya. Buddy will end up with far more than $5,000,000 with her in the dais. OMG (Oh my mighty givers)!
    Four more days until final vote – you may want to share this with everyone you know.

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