“You and the Mayor have tried to help but I really think it’s time for new leadership at the top”

  Response from City Manager

Jim:   I understand you are an employee of FDOT or another state agency.  Is this true? If so, can you give me your supervisor’s name?

Greg Kisela
City Manager



My personal feelings about my city and its leaders are expressed through my personal email and has nothing at all to do with my profession. The two are separate entities. Somehow expressing my personal feelings legally through a public email forum is wrong? Ive had issues with utilities in my city and reached out and met road block after roadblock and spoke up. I assume your personal life and your professional life are kept separate as well?




Submitted by;  Jim Anderson.


A happy day has arrived for the citizen of Port Orange, of which I am proud to say I have lived in for over 20 years.  As you depart for your new position in Destin, I wish you safe travels and the wish that a brand new start might be just what you need.

For some reason Port Orange has become toxic, its leadership, of which you belong, seemingly just finds ways to blame others and doesn’t step up, take responsibility and fix things, it merely kicks the can down the road for others to look at.

I’m sure you and the Mayor have tried to help but I really think it’s time for new leadership at the top.  Your departure helps set that tone and I’m also hopeful that we elect someone as Mayor who has fresh ideas and also doesn’t spend the majority of time in the public media’s eye simply laying blame on others.

You and I have had our differences, starting from the Utility Department mishandling of my water situation, I sought you help and received as usual the “talk around” the problem whithout any attempt to look into it.  However, that is past news as you know.

My wish for you is for a safe trip to Destin, enjoy settling in there and hopefully your leadership style fits better in that city that it has here.

PS:  Be careful on the way out of Port Orange, I’d hate for the city gates to close too quickly and hit your buttocks on the way out.


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  1. Mr. Anderson’s PS was a bit over the top.

    Come on, if you want to rant, rave, vent do it in an adult manner.

  2. Greg:

    Feel free to call me if you would like too. Im on my lunch hour and can entertain personal calls.


  3. Mr Anderson’s email was self serving and totally unneeded. Another example of people thinking to much of themselves

      • YES, snd the little green men told me he should not be mean to Mr. Kisela. I spoke with them at the Life Saver banquet on Wednesday at the Cypress Head club house restaurant. The little green men helped me build a replica of the Hubble telescope that I presented to Kisela as a gift at his farewell luncheon.

  4. Here’s a little farewell song I composed for Mr. Kisela…to be sung to the tune of Bye Bye Blackbird.

    All packed up, ready to go, walking slow, head hung low
    Bye, Bye Kisela

    I know that Destin waits for me and hopefully to welcome me.
    Bye, Bye Kisela

    No one here could love or understand me,
    Complicated problems they just handed me.

    I’m the C/M don’t you see
    You’re not supposed to challenge me
    Bye, bye Kisela

    My adversaries were way too smart
    Now it’s time for me to part
    Bye, bye Kisela

    • Here is verse two:

      I tried to screw with some real men,
      I guess it turns out I’m just a fem
      Bye bye Kisela

      I sold my soul to Allen Green
      I have no character I have no spleen
      Bye bye Kisela

      No one knows the shame of my oblation
      I earned all the employees consternation

      So Ill pack up Lucy and the pot bellied pigs
      What remains of my manhood I’ve seen bigger twigs

      Kisela Bye Bye
      Life Saver Bye Bye

  5. It is incredulous that some people are ushering off this coward with the disengenuous fanfare of dignity and honor. I have seen great long term employees that have not received a fraction of this much respect. For many of us behind the scenes that have experienced this worm’s true colors first hand it is a slap in the face from our city officials. With Kisela and all his interlopers running for the hills, its high time our city officials start to recognize and reward their long term employees that have suffered these interlopers and are still here to pick up the pieces and move forward. Start recognizing and rewarding your long term stakeholders and refrain from importing a new generation of FCCMA interlopers.

    • Kisela coerced a lot of employees behind closed doors and blacklisted any one that stood up to him. His flunkies that kissed his ass imploded along with him. I hope that we have all learned a lesson from this. The lesson being that there is no true success drvoid of personal integrity. I wish our city council could learn this important life lesson. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul, and what will ge give in exchange for his soul?

  6. On Jul 31, 2014, at 5:13 PM, “Jim Anderson” wrote:

    Mr Kisela,


    Thank you for your call a few moments ago, glad we had the chance to speak.

    As I said on the phone, a lot of this could have been avoided and I hold myself partly responsible for that by the attacking, childish tones in some of my emails. Emotions sometimes get the better

    of people and they act before they think, I know I’m personally guilty of having that trait.

    As I apologized to you on the phone for my email, I do so in writing now as well. I appreciate you taking the time to call.

    Safe travels, and yes I mean it, to Destin and good luck sir.


    • As we go forward with opinions about what is wrong with city government and how to fix the problems it is good that we acknowledge where we have made a mistake, otherwise we become a group which only wants to read thoughts that sponsor our activism, and become more like those administrators who have not been open and honest with the public. Jim, you did well to try and diminish the emotionalism in your former opinions. We who are dissatisfied with city government are ultimately on the side that will win, and admitting where we could have written something in a better way advances our quest for reform and transparency.

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