3 Opinions on ““But never in the 38 years we lived here”

  1. This is so sad. It seems like human mistakes were made and that engineering can’t fix the problem. Mayor Green stated that we can expect more flooding, and I hereby tell Mayor Green that because of his statements and poor city operations real estate value will go down and those “good citizens” who want to keep taxes up will not have the property value revenue to do so.

    The only solution is to build more condos where only the first floors will be flooded. How does that sound to you Mr.Mayor? You all for that? — Hank Springer

  2. Read the sign. The names are all losers who put us in the current situation. We just got rid of one more (Dennis Kennedy) and only have Green left to go. The makeup of that group of council members was terrible – thus all are now ex council members.

    How long will the city continue to align themselves with Quentin Hampton Co. And allow them to hose the citizens .

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