OMG! “Greg Kisela’s Lifesaver Award Needs To Be Recognized”

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Can some one speak to this on Kisela’s email log?  Email below from Lynn Lovallo about Greg’s recent receipt of FCCMA’s Lifesaver Award. She hopes “all is well.”  And she is sorry he could not be at the luncheon to be recognized.  Good God.  Recognized for what may I ask?   Oh yes…hiring a member in transition.  Now I remember.  It certainly is not for doing his day job as our City Manager.  Or any due diligence for our city.  This would be laughable if it were not so appalling for our taxpayers and our poor city that is coming off years of incredible financial mismanagement.

All is certainly not well  with our city under Greg Kisela, Wayne Saunders, Jason Yarborough, et al.   Did FCCMA miss Manager Kisela’s latest fiasco of the $411K overspend and its cover-up?  Does FCCMA need to review its own Canon of Ethics?   I find this email beyond ironic.  This has become farce.




From: “Lynn Lovallo” <

To:     “Greg Kisela”



I will drop off your Lifesaver Award to City Hall later this week.  I will be in Port Orange and can run it by to you.  Sorry you could not be at the luncheon to be recognized.  Hope all is well.

Lynn Lovallo


Executive Assistant

850.701.3635 (direct line)



June 3, 2014  1:28 PM

Hi, Greg:

Thank you for your help with the Schneider Electric/Citrus County session at conference.  It seems to me that Charlie Gatto from Citrus had left there and went to another city or county.  Do you know where he went?

I’ll be stopping by City Hall sometime tomorrow or Friday to drop off your award.  It was good to see you.

Lynn Lovallo


Executive Assistant

850.701.3635 (direct line)

5 Opinions on “OMG! “Greg Kisela’s Lifesaver Award Needs To Be Recognized”

  1. This video is to recognize the city manager’s prestigious achievement with the FCCMA

  2. I suggest that Jason Yarborough and Wayne Saunders present Greg Kisela with the Lifesaver award and express their appreciation to him in being given another chance to make a six figure salary after being fired or forced to resign in their last position.

    • This is all too familiar. That’s how I was treated on a regular basis. Deja vu all over again.

  3. Where have Kisela’s MIT’s been at the last few Countil meetings? Did Kisela instruct Kent Donahue the POG TV producer to keep the cameras off Jason Yarborough, Wayne Saunders and Mary Anderson? Were they hiding somewhere in the back of the Countil room? Why weren’t any of these department heads called to come forward and asked some much needed questions? After all they are department heads being paid anywhere from $110,000 to $150,000 of taxpayers money in salary. Is the reason Kisela is covering for them and trying to answer questions himself the fact that his MIT’s could be torn to shreds with presented with certain questions because they don’t understand the problems and have NO answers?

    Kisela himself showed all the signs of deceptiveness last night by his body language, hunkering forward, constantly touching his head with his finger , his hair, his shirt, moving things around as he spoke and many other teltale signs of a person who is stalling instead of being forthright. At one point I actually saw him trembling.

    What a poor role model for the employees and what an embarrassment for the citizens of Port Orange.

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