Comcast Calls Off Time Warner Cable Merger

. . . Comcast has scrapped plans to merge with Time Warner Cable in a $45.2 billion deal that would have combined the country’s two largest cable and broadband providers, the companies said Friday. The move comes two days after the Federal Communications Commission said it planned to oppose the deal, joining lawyers from the…

City Projects Summary for March 2015

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City Managers Weekly Summary 4/24/15

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Something Smells Fishy ?

. Wait a minute !  Does something smell fishy here.   What do you think?  Below are copies of 3 emails that were drafted; composed; transmitted; read and replied to all within 20 minutes on Thursday August 22, 2013 ( Wow ) Moreover,  there is a time stamp included with these emails that indicates they may…

City Manager Weekly Sumary 4/17/15

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FCC ruling requiring backup power for Cell Towers

. FCC RULING REQUIRING BACKUP POWER FOR CELL TOWERS This will alert you about an FCC ruling requiring backup power for cell towers which may generate activity and litigation for municipalities in the next year regarding (1) cell towers on municipal property, and (2) zoning, permits and other regulations affecting cell towers on private property. …

Good afternoon Mayor and Council,

.   Ted Noftall via Attachments3:08 PM to Bob, don, Drew, Mayor, Scott, David, fred.costello, Alan, Albert, Bill, Bob, Cammie, Hank, Ron, Noranne, Perry, Vincent Good afternoon Mayor and Council, If you have not done so already I would urge each of you to contact Manager Harden and instruct him that under that no…

Really !

. Really ! …. I quote from the response “City will spray and weed when time allows.” When time allows, the city will do the work that is expected and paid for by the citizens to enhance the appearance of our city and improve our property values. Is that truly what I am reading? “Area…

Clubhouse at cypress head

.From: Newton White [] Sent: Monday, April 13, 2015 8:00 PM To: Harden, David; Lovallo, Susan Subject: Fwd: FW: clubhouse at cypress head Susan’s  Lovallo  answers are in. RED No insulated glass, did not answer R value of panels but does say the calculation with the current proposed glass finds the AC inadequate. If we…

Freddie Takes The 5th!

Interim City Manager David Harden finally coughed up a copy of the Investigative Report on who knew what when and who talked to who else about the berm deletion. Pretty entertaining reading………………………………   Scroll Window 5 Pages [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Freddie Takes The 5th.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”800″ style=”embed”]

City Managers Weekly Summary 4/10/2015

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Orange Peel ~ City Employees Newsletter | April 2015

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2015 Hurricane Season Predicted To Be About 50% Below Normal

. 2015 Seasonal forecast Predictions of tropical activity in the 2015 season Source Date Named Hurricanes Major Ref Average (1981–2010) 12.1 6.4 2.7 [1] Record high activity 28 15 7 [2] Record low activity 4 2† 0† [2] ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– TSR December 9, 2014 13 6 2 [3] TSR April 9, 2015 11 5 2 [4] CSU April 9,…