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.From:  “Sonya Laney” <laneyforportorange@gmail.com>
To:”Robin Fenwick” <rfenwick@port-orange.org> “Greg Kisela” <gkisela@port-orange.org>

LaneyGood afternoon!

The political signs up around the City are great but they are not in compliance with the state statute. An individual who requested a sign just brought this to my attention via email and I am pleased that my signage is accurate however, I am afraid some folks need to correct their signs or remove them.
For example the word “for” has been left out of Mr. Ford’s signs has been omitted twice.  “For” is left of for the office sought and the District number seat on others, however, you may need to research that with the State concerning the seat number.
Any political advertisement that is paid for by a candidate (except a write-in candidate) and that is published, displayed, or circulated before, or on the day of, any election must prominently state: “Political advertisement paid for and approved by (name of candidate), (party affiliation) for (office sought)” or “Paid by (name of candidate), (party affiliation), for (office sought).  If a candidate is not the incumbent for the office being sought, the word “re-elect” may not be used and the word “for” must be placed between the name of the candidate and the office sought. (Section 106.143(6), F.S.)”
Please advise as soon as possible so folks have time to get their signs fixed or reprinted, before the spend any more money on signage.
Sonya Laney


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    • Go Sonia. If you can handle the small details, we may have some hope you can handle non communication between field workers and their administrators.

  1. She will be a thorn in the city’s side. It’s a shame she is running in District 1 vs. Ford.

    I rather like her style – she’s not a good old boy for sure ! Don’t write her off yet.

    • She will be a good replacement for Bob Ford. Maybe we can get someone in there with some fresh ideas and solutions to the city’s problems. Lord knows nothing has been accomplished over the last 4 years. I believe Ford is part of the problem, Laney will be part of the solution. We need all new faces on the council. They all need to go.

      • Sonia accepts that city employees might not to tell their administrators about faults in their departments for fear of losing their jobs. If that is the way you want your city council person to think, then Sonia is the gal for you. And on that issue of non communication up to administrative heads, it says more about the administration than it does of the employees. Sonia confuses inner control with “harassment”. Me thinks she was catering to the votes of city employees. Do you?

  2. Stop right there Concerned citizen.. She is A Good Ole Boy by genes. Her father Frank Flagg (that is employed by the city) grew up with Mayor Green and is a former local contractor.

    • Everyone should be able to stand on their own. The idea that someone’s parent or friend of a parent disqualifies you from being an independent thinker is crazy. If that we’re the case, an argument could be made against everyone of us for some reason or another. Judge the candidate by their past decisions and positions. I can guarantee Sonya and Alan wouldn’t see eye to eye on everything.

    • Frank has always seemed to be a good person. I have no reason to think otherwise.

    • there is something called “wired in” in all political networks. Sometimes it works out good for the citizens, but I think many times not so good. There is cronyism and family wired in, and let’s be honest, most people outside of politics do not like to see people get favors or jobs by being wired in. Competence and ability standing on their own merits would be nice. what a laugh Hank?: are you nuts. It could not happen in a million years in politics anywhere. I couldn’t imagine any one wanting to become a politician. They laughed at a recent get together when I said “let’s face it, you have to be a little weird to want to listen to police calls.” I know that and accept it and laugh at my own passion in the hobby. But wanting to be a politician, I think you have to be more than weird, you have to be insane. Only in Mr. Smith goes to Washington can a man with principles survive. But that was imaginary.

  3. A Zen lesson for little Miss Sonja Laney.

    Lengthen Your Line
    By Joe Hyams
    Taken from his book ‘ZEN IN THE MARTIAL ARTS’

    I first met with Kenpo Karate master Ed Parker in 1952 in a Beverly Hills gym where he rented space. A handsome, six-foot-tall Hawaiian with a thick thatch of black hair, Parker reminded me of a huge tree, with arms like powerful boughs and bare feet rooted firmly on the canvas mat (despite his size, he is a whirlwind in motion). Ed. Parker was wearing an old, loose-fitting GI, a two-piece cotton uniform worn by most martial artists. The GI, like his black belt, was white in places from fraying and repeated launderings. His face was serene and peaceful, as though he had just completed meditating.

    I will remember one of my initial sessions at his dojo in Los Angeles where I was practicing Kumite (sparring) with a more skillful opponent. To make up for my lack of knowledge and experience, I tried deceptive, tricky moves that were readily countered. I was outclassed, and Parker watched me get roundly trounced. When the match was over I was dejected. Parker invited me into his small office; a small sparsely furnished room with only a scarred desk and battered chairs. “Why are you so upset? ” he asked. “Because I couldn’t score.” Parker got up from behind the desk and with a piece of chalk drew a line on the floor about five feet long. “How can you make this line shorter?” he asked. “I studied the line and gave him several answers, including cutting the line in many pieces. He shook his head and drew a second line, longer than the first. “Now how does the first line look? “Shorter,” I said. Parker nodded. “It is always better to improve and strengthen your own line or knowledge than to try and cut your opponent’s line.” Ed accompanied me to the door and added, “Think about what I have just said.” I did think about it and studied hard for the next several months, developing greater skills, increasing my knowledge and ability. The next time I went on the mat with the same opponent, he, too, had improved. But I fared far better than I had previously because I had raised my level of knowledge as well as developing my skills.

    Not long after, I realized I could apply the principal Parker had taught me to my tennis game. An avid weekend tennis player, I frequently found myself pitted against better players, and when things started to go badly for me on the court I often resorted to trickery – slicing the ball, trying to hit it with a spin, attempting difficult drop shots. Invariably I lost and was frustrated. Instead of trying to better my game I was trying to “cut their line.” I recognized that I had to play to my best ability rather than to try to worsen my opponent’s play. Keeping Parker’s advice in my mind, my game soon improved. It has been nearly three decades since then, and in the intervening years Parker has taught his art to thousands of students. Even long after their training they think of him as a good friend – and as a wise and gentle sifu who embodies the martial arts spirit and philosophy.

    Sonja, you need to lengthen your line by improving your competency and purpose. Your preoccupation with dredging up dirt on others and nitpicking things that are inconsequential is evidence of the turpitude of your character and your ability to be an effective leader. You are not running for the president of your pompom squad, this is a position that requires dignity and maturity.

  4. The way I see it Sonya seems to be somewhat deceitful. A few weeks ago in a email to the city clerk she says that someone told her to try to get some dirt on Bob Ford from city files. Today via another email to the city clerk she says that someone else told her that other candidates campaign signs were not in conformance with state law. Only her signs were in compliance

    Always someone else putting her up to it does not seem like a good omen for a potential council person. We do not need anyone on the council that keeps saying someone else made me do it. .That seems a little scary.

    • I can assure you that there is plenty of dirt on Councilman Ford. All anyone needs to do is look up why he was fired from police and what he cost the city. King Ford will be exposed soon.

      • And did much of that occur while you were on the City Council sir ?

        Why was he not held accountable for his actions ?

        I sense you are not a Bob Ford fan ?

      • so mistakes that bob ford may have made in the past will solve our present day problems. Or is it that Green is not so bad if you really compare him to bob ford. or is there a move on to remove bob ford from his city council seat? This is really getting nasty. I don’t see bob ford as part of the present problem. Granted the We Are Family crowd have been rocked, but too bad, it was long due to bring that crowd down to size. Running the city without transparency has resulted in millions loss in revenue. Bob Ford is for accountability and transparency. That is the Bob Ford I know, but alas you want to tell me more, but won’t. “It is and it isn’t”. Right? Bob are you taking part in mud sling on behalf of the man who was born in Port Orange and has a vision for all investors? Lol Bob. What principle are you operating on? I am working for truth about the present crisis in Port Orange City Government. Now you tell me your principles, Bob.
        I hope you don’;t think you are getting under my skin, but I find reason to comment on your opinions. but , keep them coming, a lot of the kicking around of Green is starting to get a little boring, even if I do contribute to it.

    • I see, so using another’s name or a fake name to attack, is just another method of the fleas of Port Orange.
      You know how worthless you are, so little needs to be said.

      • Is there more than one Gary out there? I was starting to think someone had some kind of multiple personality disorder.

      • Gary (if thats your real name) I have been using my real name ‘Gary’ here on this blog long before you showed up. You can go back in previous blogs and you will find it.

        Just because I am not a Sonya fan or shill that is no reason to attack me

    • oh these people are playing with fire. so now outside observers, you see what we have been dealing with in port orange and it is all coming to an explosive head. the pro green side will probably with his instigation go nuclear. stupidity still reigns in city hall and the king is Green.

  5. I thinketh something is waiting in the wings in the way of a Sonya Laney scandal will soon precipitate. This is a prognostication that I can feel in my bones. It is like an acausal karmic precipitation. As the saying goes Sonya, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Your sins may just find you out, and the revelation of your taint will not be slung at you from a dignified opponent but from the people you misjudged as being your potential constituemcy.

    • wow, that is real speculation I guess, unless you know something we do not know. I guess your speculation is allowed to fly, but it is kind of an accusing speculation, with no published before hand issues to link to. I think it is possible that Green might have a lawyer get involved with all the kicking around he has been getting on blogs, but my speculation does not kick him down, except to suggest that lawyers getting into this mess would be a stupid mistake. I don”t know about you speculation about Sonia. I think perhaps it is a little unfair, although to be sure I am not a supporter of Sonia, mainly because she is a supporter of Green. I am for Ford, all the way. I think now that Drew has been publicly insulted by the emperor I might see more of a Drew that I can applaud. That other guy is having a campaign get together on the boat that LaCour is putting into the riverwalk park? Does that say something form where he is coming from. The owner of that riverwalk park is the head of the Port Orange Family Days. If you remember some years ago, before the head of the Port Orange Trust was indicted, there was a Family Days affair and the theme was “We Are Family”. Indeed! I guess there is family, and there is extended family.
      Oh, someone help us out of this mess before it gets messier. If only Green could be wise as he goes through these problems.

  6. Gary,
    The Devil made her do it. I agree with Floki. I feel a crash and burn around the corner. The someone told her statement shows fear of retalliation. Nice try but even an idiot could see through that. I see a big mud slinging match coming down. All but one took Buddies money. I wonder how in the world they could ever repay him for the generous donations. I too like Floki sense closet skeletons on the horizon.

    • Wow could this have something to do with unsavory professional relationships and political contributions or is the astral plane getting ready to puke?

  7. Sonya Laney comes off as an overly precocious self aggrandizing insipid little daddy’s girl. Her repetitive canned endorsements and self at city council meetings are not only annoying but they border on comical. Her ties to Allen Green and Greg Kisela are indicative of the mayor’s scheming plan to shore up his imploding regime and organizational structure. An old crusty mayor trying to keep his finger on the pulse and desperately clinging to an imploding paradigm and keep his special interest regime in power.

    Green’s own narcissistic persona has gravitated to similar aberrant personalities like Greg Kisela and Sonya Laney. Sonya is so juvenile in her comportment that one could envision her going home after a council meeting and playing with her Barbie dolls and easy bake oven. Keep it clean and keep it real Sonya and maybe this will be a learning experience for you. Hopefully your current behavior is simply a sign of immaturity that time will correct and you are not fated to a lifetime of self serving pretense like your mentor mayor Allen Green.

  8. Is there any real proof of her loyalty to the mayor or the soon to be ex city manager? Sometimes it seems that people on the blog want to discredit people without proof. I am just asking, and look forward to the proof.

    • Campaign contribution from the Mayor (for starters) not the best to accept at this point.

      • So what your saying is that if anyone that agrees with the mayor is wrong? Seems like a few want to make choices for the many. Maybe all of you should run for office and make the city better.

        • To concerned:
          Agreeing with the mayor on specific points I think could be wrong and at times correct. Supporting the mayor in his leadership I do not agree with because I think it is wrong to support a mayor who has shown a lack of leadership in all of our problems. The mayor has said often that he wants to get to the bottom of issues, but never does. Perhaps the bottom keeps falling out and away from him?:

          Terms of accountability seem to be at the heart of many of these dire problems, and the leader has come out with his observation that citizens interested in getting true reform in the city government are accountable for all the turmoil in city government.

          If you agree with that, I think you are wrong, and if you are worrying about who makes the decisions for everyone in this city, look now with open eyes to the mayor and all who support him. Supporting the mayor is allowed, but I would not vote for any one who in general supports Mayor Green. So for me that rules out Sonya and that other guy who is giving away free diners on the restaurant boat that the grand master developer wants to place in his city park. Those who for whatever reasons support the Mayor may very well have good financial reasons to do so. That is their right, but does not make their decisions correct. No one wins in this present conflict unless true reform comes to the city of Port Orange government and I would add the city of Port Orange Politics. There are all kind of special interests in any politics, and some of them rightfully so are financial. There is nothing wrong with keeping taxes down, even if the mayor thinks so. There is nothing wrong with wanting to sell condos in Port Orange as long as the citizens do not have to give away 10 million dollars to the developer to do so.

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