Port Orange Election Results


 Port Orange Election Results     smily



City of Port Orange – District 1
. Votes % of votes counted
Bob Ford 9959 52.66
Sonya L. Laney 8953 47.34
Totals: 18912
City of Port Orange – District 4
. Votes % of votes counted
Larry McKinney 7525 43.74
Scott Stiltner 9680 56.26
Totals: 17205


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  1. The old southern plantation system of Allen Green, Lance Green, Buddy Lacour, Don Burnette, and Sonya Laney has come to an end today!

  2. Congrats to Bob and Scott. And to the Citizens of Port Orange. Together with Drew we have a chance to preserve and flourish this Great Community. Sorry Mr. Mayor 3-2 you lose. Don if you don’t jump on the right ship your political career may be shortened. It’s obvious the direction the citizens have chosen for our future. You are either a part of the solution or you are the problem. If not mistaken they claim birds of a feather flock together.

  3. Don’s only chance is to change his tune about subsidizing Buddy Lacour. If he does not his political career is toast. Either Bob Ford, Scott Stiltner, or Drew Bastian will be the next mayor.

    • hank to onlooker 2. I think its us against them because of the mathematics involved. One number of People for, and one number of People against. And that turns it to us against them. That’s what politics is all about. I just hope people can be for an elected official but still have the ability to disagree with that candidate when necessary.

      Congratulations to Bob Ford.
      And congratulations to Sonya for putting up a good fight. An added note to Sonya: someone blogged on this web site how nice a person you are especially to your employees, and I have no reason to doubt that assessment . Mayor Green I think has not given enough of attention to the voice of the average citizen and it seems to me they want to be heard and respected and not reminded to be respectful and courteous when speaking to elected officials.

      It was hard or maybe not convenient for supporters to lump the opposition into group ideology. Thus I think the strategy for any elected official who wants business and special financial interests to flourish is to make a special effort to explain the true benefits of a project to the citizens and to make special note that he/she will not let a business contract con the people, work away without oversight, and do an especially earnest analysis of change orders.

      I am happy that we have Ford,Stiltner and Bastian on the city council. I do not want to gloat about it, and I know their supporters will be extra critical of them if they fail to do their job without reminding the people how they are working for them in each and every decision they make.

      The people want attention, and know that by the nature of politics, not only in Port Orange, the business lobby gets the attention of elected officials by other means than appearing before the city council. Because of this aspect of politics, the citizens have become suspicious, and I would not be surprised that in a number of instances the suspicions can prove to be not warranted. There is a mind set to ignore the suspicions voiced by the people because there is much too much work to be done with the people who are helping to make Port Orange a better place to live and work in. WRONG-WRONG-WRONG-

      Once again, I urge all elected officials to communicate to the people with whatever means they find comfortable. It probably is not on a blog, but don’t allow interpretations of the sunshine law prompt you to say on TV “that’s only part of the story”.

      Now about Don Burnette. I like him. He can do a good analysis of an issue bringing into the discussion facts and experiences of other governmental agencies. He may run for mayor as well as perhaps Lance Green and Mark Schaefer. I have not spoken to any of these three people but have heard others speak of them. In two years there is no telling who might pop up and run. Where the hell did McKinneley come from? Was that his name?

      Good luck to all.To Mayor Green you have two years left and perhaps it might be time to reconsider the new mood which has come to Port Orange. Time and events change,evolves, and it probably is best to make some changes in attitudes too.

      There are two issues that I wish to pursue in conversations with some principles in the old incidents. I think the two issues are somewhat related, and are important for us as citizens and our elected officials to come to terms with, and not try to hide and forget, because they are no longer new news.

      I am speaking of the “Peg Leg” incident and consequence and the “Person who wants to keep taxes down is a bad citizen” . I am not willing to watch the new city council move forward until we get some closure on both issues, and the resulting decision to not have a citzens budget and audit advisory board.

      Don Burnette has consented to meet with me and after such a meeting I will probably contact the other city council members by e mail.

      I am just a citizen but have a web site. I got interested in our local politics because of work I had done years ago with my camera. I am retired,opinionated, interested, concerned and probably are guilty of “having too much time on my hands”. Actually, as the Joker said while cutting up paper dolls, I with my web site can parody, “so much to do and so little time to do it”!

      Congratulations to Stiltner, Ford and Laney for a battle well fought. This opinion of mine does not apply to what’s his name, Mckinlley?

      —- hank springer

      • So far the rumor mill list of names to run for Mayor in 2016: Bob Pohlmann, Dennis Kennedy, Lance Green, Don Burnette, Ray Donadio, Mark Schaefer and Ted Noftall. Who else will kick the can around for a bit?

        • Not a very viable list of prospective candidates.

          Pohlman, Kennedy and Lance Green are laughable. Two washed up former Council members gone by the wayside and the Mayor’s son ?

  4. Lets all go to Captain Daddy’s and have an after election party to celebrate Bob Ford and Scott Stiltner’s win!

  5. Bob Ford has won, it’s a great day for Port Orange. The negativity killed Sonya. Bob will continue to serve Port Orange well.

  6. The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice.

    We have just re-elected a decent and honorable man. Congratulations Dr. Bob Ford. You ran an issues based honest campaign and Port Orange voters responded.

    Congratulations to the other Dr. Ford too. A formidable campaigner!! And a wonderful wife. Love to O’Higgins..the rare Irish Havanese and another campaign asset!!

    Dianne is so happy!! Oh happy day!!

  7. This is the most excited I have been in all my life!! I did not ask for politics….they found me. As a young woman with an old soul…not too much gets my adrenaline going. I can only hope Sonya will not feel defeated…..I hope she holds a strong will to stay community involved and recognizes she is relevant to our community. The vote count shows she is desired . As for Don Burnette….I certainly have not been his biggest fan, however, he has been there in support wading though shitty water (flooding issue on Dunlawton) and was there tonight to support Bob and Scott. On top of that… I took a tour of the Garnsey water plant with him and he is teaching his sons to be respectful young men of women. In a very southern way. Well I declare.. I sat and had suppa with a bunch of yankees tonight!!! AND LUVED IT!!! My Yankee won Mayor Green…bad news is…you ain’t growin no dope on ur land.I kill me sometimes! LMAO

  8. At last a 3-2 vote on the council will mean something to the citizens of Port Orange instead of putting money into the construction mayors pocket. We finally have 3 fair minded individuals who will not let the citizens, taxpayers and city employees be undermind by all the back door dealings that have gone on for so long.Congrats to Ford and Stiltner….we were praying for this. Now’s time for Don to show his true colors and let us know where he really stands.

    • The ball is in Don’s corner now. If he indeed aspires to be the Mayor in two years, he will need to display decision making that shows he backs the common citizen.

      I like Don, and hope he will indeed post up Mayor Green in the future. We win with 3-2 votes yes, but 4-1 with Green on his own island is better.

  9. Congratulations to Bob Ford and Scott Stiltner…we were all rooting for you. Now my advice to you is to keep watching where our dirt is really being hauled off to, maybe think about hiring another engineering firm without ties to the past administrations, and recognize that for a great city like Port Orange we are still the most underpaid city employees in the entire area…

  10. Congratulations to Scott Stiltner and his wife Julie and their wonderful kids. We elected two real family men last night. Great campaign efforts from both Scott and Bob. They really put “time in front of the task”.

    Who won last night? Two approachable thoughtful informed men who will be available and responsive to all Port Orange residents…not just supporters….. part of my reason for supporting Bob and Scott. Conscience driven human beings. Good husbands and fathers and neighbors.

    Solution oriented with a focus on transparency and accountability to taxpayers. No one whose candidate did not prevail last night need dread the election of Scott and Bob. They are two fair minded men who will vote their onsciences. Neither is an ideologue. Both are pragmatists. Call ’em up guys. Talk to them if you have a question or concern. You will be very pleasantly surprised. I promise.

    Only down side to last night..Dianne has discovered that Houligan’s has fried green beans….among other wonderful fried objects….another home grown real Southern girl who had “suppa” with “Yankees”and loved it. Course I’ve been eating dinner with a “Yankee” for decades. That would be my little Mama, Mary Templeton. She was watching from home.

    Marilyn and Bob Ford hosted a great party last night and a real love feast. A good night that precedes a bright future for Port Orange.

  11. Correct me if I am wrong, this election had the highest total number of votes for city council candidates ever.

    Based on past elections, normally Sonya’s total vote of 8953 would have been enough to get her elected to office as a landslide . And the Mayors status quo would have continued. But Ford and Stiltner generated and added an even higher vote count

    The high total of votes for a city council election seems to indicate that local residents had something new added that heighten their interest in local government.

    It seems the natives are now restless and paying attention to issues.

  12. Gary the voters did turn out in fairly high numbers, however in the 2012 election the district#3 race turned out higher numbers,if memory serves me correctly, Bastian had over 12,000 votes while Pohlmann got over 11,000 votes in the general election, i don’t recall the numbers for the primary that year but I think they were a little higher than average.

  13. How informed were these voters where Larry McKinney garnered 44% of the vote ?

    That is puzzling ? Maybe they were anti Stiltner votes in essence ? Or uninformed, ignorant voters.

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