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  1. I was looking at other websites, was this the final votes??? I saw that it was actually 42% Burnette to 33% Noftal. What stats are correct???

  2. I saw on a previous post teddy called people chicken shit for not posting there names. Is teddy mad that some people make good points and don’t post their names?? Still have not read anything on how he will make the city better yet, just how he likes to bully people. I will be so happy when the election is over. I hope whom ever wins the election will try and make the city better. To be honest, this is one of the best cities on the planet in my opinion. Will take a whole lot to make it better. We live in a great city!!!!

    • Ted consistently defended the use of pseudonyms back when Hank’s was the only blog site and he would not publish comments written anonymously. Ted did so because he knows good points are worth hearing no matter who makes them.

      But comments like ” is teddy mad ” or ” he likes to bully people ” are not good points Mr. Concerned.

      They are nothing more than ad hominem attacks written by a partisan coward afraid to sign his name to anything. who then tries to wrap himself up in the flag of this is a great city.

      Ted has consistently said Port Orange is a great city. What he has said is not so great is its government. But with your ties to city government you sure do not want to heat that now do you Mr Concerned.

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