Port Orange Police Radio

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Featuring …. 

Volusia County Sheriff’s LE-5 channel
Port Orange Police Dispatch

South Daytona Police Dispatch

Daytona Beach Shores Police Dispatch

Ponce Inlet Police Dispatch



Your local Sheriff

21 Opinions on “Port Orange Police Radio

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  3. The audio for Pirt Orange is not functional. “Error”… been down several days. Just when I need it most, to find out why several police cars are in my neighborhood…

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  7. 452pm 12 10 16. police radio audio streaming seems to be working. but police channel is quiet right now. Since 1952, any time I wanted to test a radio channel or show someone a radio channel, it has seemed like at the time I am demonstrating, there is no or little radio traffic. It’s like getting stopped at all red lights. 453pm heard the radio channel again. so at this time, it is working. — hank springer

  8. Port Orange Police Scanner does not appear to be working (other scanners are). Tried 2 difference browsers and get an “invalid” source message.

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