Is the Public Works Dept. off the reservation again?

from: Nelan <>
to:    Robin Fenwick <>
cc:,  “Kisela, Greg” <>
date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 3:01 PM



Today, July 8. 2014  a Public Works crew is clearing land of Bamboo
trees on private land ( parcel A – common area of River Oaks PUD )
This area is outside a drainage retention ditch on Spruce Creek Rd
about 1 – 1/2 blocks south of Port Orange’s Corporate City Limits
along Volusia County’s Public R-O-W

Could you kindly supply me with a copy of the following records.

1  A copy of the land clearing permit per city code for clearing this land on private property.

2. A copy of an agreement with the county for doing landscape work along this county R-O-W

3  A copy of any agreement with the county for city maintenance of this retention ditch  I understand the county constructed the ditch.:

4:  Also kindly advise me of what part in the city code authorizes city Public Work crews to perform landscape maintenance work on private property.

Thank you
P. Nelan

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  1. Wow, this administration with their incompetent department directors remind me of that old movie – The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight –

    When are we going to see some light at the end of this tunnel.

  2. Pat, I seem to recall that this problem of city doing work on private land happened before. I seem to recall that you had publicized the former incident which I am speaking of. I had the feeling that because of a poor response by the city to your complaints that you started your own web site, which is doing so well now, a real estate company has scrutinized your web site for faults to pick with you. Am I correct? We have yet to see if more complaints from Port Orange commercial interests are made about Pat’s web site, or mine. Any way, welcome to the world and pressures of keeping a web site going. it is a lot of fun, isn’t it? lol

    • Hank; You are correct, this blog site was started as a direct result of the former rogue Public Works Director having his crews cut down trees, clearing land and other forms of landscape maintenance including lawn maintenance on private property. Looks like the ghost of the former DPW Director may have returned.

      I am still waiting for an answer on what part of the city code authorizes those type endeavors.


  4. I would have sworn that I read a blog from Gary, whining and complaining about the criticism Public Works is getting…hence my answer to him. Pat probably didn’t think his remarks weren’t worth being posted.

    • With all Gary’s whining and bitching he sounded just like Sonya. I guess Pat must have got fed up with it and threw him/her off the blog. LOL

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