Shhh! – What Ever You Do! Don’t Tell The City Council or Taxpayers! ….

train-wreckTrain Wreck at Port Orange Reclaimed Lakes?


Why are we running out of reclaimed water? After all the city just spent a few million on a new filter system at the reclaimed lakes. We should have all the reclaimed water we need and then some.

There’s just one little problem, the new filter system doesn’t work. A few weeks ago they did a start up on the filters and the intake line for the filter floated to the surface of the lake. This has been kept secret from council and the public while they try to figure out what went wrong and they still haven’t found a solution.

Could this be another shady management cover up?

Isn’t there a new propaganda video telling how great our reclaimed system is? How much did that cost to produce? It’s the same old stuff, different day.

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  1. could it be because we have had no measurable rain and more is being needed for irrigation? Can’t draw all the water out, I’m sure there are permitted limits.

    Woody if you hate Port Orange and everyone in it so much, then why don’t you move. Of course I realize there are some people who just aren’t happy unless they’re complaining about something. Guess you’re one of those.

    As far as the system not working, looked fine to me maybe you should get another source.

    Try putting a positive spin on things for once. I promise it won’t hurt.

    • The Green / JJ / Chamber / Contractor / Developer crowd have the ” if you hate PO so much why don’t you move ” slick on a hair trigger.

      Woody doesn’t hate PO. He hates the double dealing incompetent PO government that Green has used to his personal advantage for the past 30 years. Big difference.

      Keep up the great reporting Woody.

  2. You just made an horses rear end out of yourself R. Woodman. You are the mouthpiece for a single disgruntled employee we all know. He fed you crap and you ate it. Then you like a fool spewed it. The Reclaimed Reservoir has produced water as per its design. Do a public information request. I think you’re smart enough to know where the production numbers would reside. Then you will find that it is and has been fully operational all along. Quite contrary to your”inside” source. Sorry your good buddy set you up as a fool. If there was any credibility to any of your posts left it is certainly gone now. Sorry to see you fall prey to an idiot. The joke was on you.

  3. Woody-
    Your IQ is only exceeded by your age. Try to obtain facts before displaying your ignorance. The filtration system is operating as designed and permitted. It has recovered many millions of gallons since it was commissioned in the early spring. The reservoir has minimum operating levels and is currently within a few tenths of the lower limit. Conservation is necessary due to unusually hot, dry conditions.

  4. The system ran for a while. Then the line floated. Efforts have been made to anchor the line. I hope it gets properly repaired. Name calling and trying to deflect from the problem won’t change anything. If the line keeps floating someone will have to go to council and explain why we need to throw more money at the project. That’s one good reason why this stuff should be immediately reported. Look at the history of this project from the beginning. All of the problems encountered and money thrown at it trying to get it right.

    • Wow Woody how your tone changed. Finally someone to stand up to you and your misinformation. I agree to stoop to name calling is unwarranted and a little childish, but for you to chastise someone for name calling is a little like the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think?

  5. Woody….I believe these are JJ’s comments. All of the comments are from one person and he has been known to troll this site. Keep up the good reporting. I spoke to some of my friends down at the plant and they confirmed what you wrote. At least you are man enough to identify yourself Woody!

    • The troll JJ you are referring to that has made all of these post responses, also uses the moniker 256. This is military jargon for recently retired from the navy. He is scared shitless of guys like Woody because of his institutional knowledge and the threat he poses to the 256 strategic communication non-transparency agenda. Hopefully Ted Noftall will soon to be elected mayor. and I.C.I. and Buddy Lacour will no longer be in charge of City Hall. On that day the troll 256 will stop vilifying Woody on the blog and instead become an MIT desperately seeking an ICMA lifesaver. Woody is an unsung hero that has the cojones to identify himself like a man unlike 256.

      • And Layla and Larry are not fictitious names. Give me a break no cajones! You are one in the same and live in your own little fantasy land. Give it a rest and come back to reality. Let’s see some cold hard facts instead of opinions and false stories. You and your buddy R. Woodman have displayed no substance beyond here say.

    • Your friends are misinformed. A lot of people won’t identify themselves for fear of retaliation. Woody no longer works at the city so he has no worries, he can put all his misinformation out there and some of you think it’s gospel. Well it’s not, he has some bad sources and needs to find some that know what they are talking about and have some actual knowledge.

  6. I guess it’s easy enough to see if the new filter intake line floats or not–let’s just go watch it next time the pumps are turned on. Oh, never mind. Citizens, taxpayers, shareholders………aren’t allowed anywhere near the reclaim lakes.

  7. If City utility engineer who sign off on design for pwojec do bad against pwogwam can you poo twigga?

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