Ted’s letter to the Editor of Daytona News Journal about poor Journalistic Ethics

PatRiceTo:  Pat Rice
Editor at Daytona Beach News-Journal





Not only is today’s article   Port Orange mayoral race to set climate of new era    factually incorrect

    • *  Councilman’s  salary is not $5,666.70 as reported
    • *   Mayor’s salary is not  $ 7,750 as reported
    • *   Candidate  Lance Green is not currently employed as a General contractor or as a  Realtor  as reported,   but rather as  part of the management team at  Paytas Homes Inc,  a major builder in the Port Orange.  
    • *   I am not the current Treasurer of the VCSWCD as I resigned  some months ago to run for Mayor.
    •   *  What in the heck  does  the following  statement even mean.   ” the citizen-led board siphoned files  over $ 411,500 in unauthorized water meter purchases. ”   


BUT YOUR DECISION   only days before the election to quote the outgoing Mayor  as  ” I defiantly do not support Ted  ”  and  imply it was because of the ” awful ”  endorsement practice of Republican Executive Committee,  AND not because of my personal criticism of his many actions   without giving me the opportunity to respond  is devoid of journalistic ethics.

Had you spoken with me I would have advised that his disdain for my candidacy is likely personal as  I  have been a loud critic of many of his actions including :

  • *   Withholding  information from Council  (  Finance director sweetheart retirement deal,  Payroll mis-appropriations,  Un-authorizes berm removal)  
  • *   Shutting down the ” daily  read  files ” which not only included the Manager’s correspondence but the Mayor’s also.
  • *   His support for difficult to understand budgeting and  incomplete financial reporting
  • *   His request to Council  to cancel approximately  $10,000 in water bills at his Jackson street property.  


Not to mention that  Mayor Green is not even a member of the Republican party,  or  that his son was a willing  participant in the Republican  endorsement process right up to when he received 3 votes to my 53 votes in that process which you report the Mayor considered ” awful ”      I would imagine  so  –  but not for the reason you reported.

If ever there was an article in need of a factual and ethical  re-do  this would be it.


ted0Ted Noftall

Candidate for Port Orange Mayor
August 30, 2016

11 Opinions on “Ted’s letter to the Editor of Daytona News Journal about poor Journalistic Ethics

    • Don’t trust anything that appears in the News Journal (including the winning lottery numbers. Ever since Davidson died the paper has gone downhill at a rapid pace. Now it’s only good for wrapping up the garbage and potato peels.

      • Concerned citizen’s posts over the years have made it apparent that he either works for the City or has a family member or close associate that works for the City. His posts serve to protect his own self-interests and indicate a willingness to be led by others without any independent thought on his part. Ted forces people to think and that is uncomfortable for Concerned.

  1. Mike, it’s not that Ted forces people to think, it that he bullies and makes people uncomfortable. He wants to rule with an iron fist, he wants this city run his way or no way. He has no middle ground. Oh and lots of people on this site left him high and dry when he wanted to bring warren pike back, but I guess you all forgave him for that. I hate politics, I just want a good person for mayor.

    • Boo hoo hoo to you if Ted makes you uncomfortable and you only want a good person for mayor.

      No one seeks election if not to lead or rule. NO ONE If you think Alan Green does not rule then you are sorely mistaken. One of the differences between Green and Ted is that Ted intends doing so in the open where as sneaky Green does so from the shadows.

      Which do you prefer open and transparent or sneaky in the shadows ?.

        • Well than vote for Ted because Brunette has been taking big campaign contributions from all of Green’s cronies. He has no intention of changing the Green tradition.

  2. Is Ted really from Canada, or is that just a rumor? Hearing that he is from Canada and that he is either an atheist or agnostic. Anyone know the truth on this?

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