Do some Court records detail a bitter vengeful authoritarian incapable of reaching closure despite the toll it has taken on her family?


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Sonya’s current husband was divorced in 1995 some 4 years before Sonya ….. so if there was any ‘involvement’ by a married person at the time of Sonya’s divorce it was by Sonya herself.

While Sonya filed for divorce in 1999 she has never let it reach a conclusion. It is still ongoing 15 years later with the latest docket entry dated yesterday 09-22-2014

Court records detail that proceeding as particularly bitter and depict Sonya not as the professional consensus builder her handlers are portraying but rather as a vengeful authoritarian incapable of reaching closure despite the toll it has taken on her family.

Sonya is a bad news bear and we haven’t even gotten to the most revealing aspect of her behavior.

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  1. If her divorce proceedings in 1999 haven’t been concluded how can she be married again???
    It would be interesting to know the story…Sonya can you fill us in on the details?

    • Are you kidding! She can not even state her position on basic issues that effect the citizens that she wants to govern. She has no position on anything and makes no transparent disclosures. She just figures she was leading in the primaries and if Buddy Lacour and Allen Green throw some more money to her campaign manager, and they have a few more barbecues and luncheons at the golf course it is better for her to keep silent and ride the wave to shore. Remember it is better to keep silent and be thought an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Her newly bank rolled campaign manager has probably advised her to keep quiet and open her pie hole as little as possible. The apathy of voters and the persistence of special interest should be enough to take her to the finish line.

  2. It is absolutely despicable that anyone would stoop this low to be concerned about a personal issue. Are you people being financed by the Koch brothers? Still Digging, you are lower than whale crap, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Get a life people. Personal issues are just that, personal. We all have them. Support your candidate and let that be the end of it.

    Bob Pohlmann

    • Bob, do you mean like when Sonya was dredging up ancient lawsuits leveled against Bob Ford when he was Chief of Police. Anyone the does due diligence knows that in a lifetime police career rarely do you find an instance when lawsuits by employees and citizens are not made against police. I am not saying that there has never been a substance to any of them, however the Police Chief and department as a whole are inherently vulnerable to sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuits and in the absence a incontrovertible proof of such one might expect on occasion for an instance of this to arise.

      Same with getting a divorce and having failures in one’s personal life. Sonya was rabid about exploiting Ford’s issues to advance her political advantage. We all know that politics can get dirty, but it is clear to see that you weigh all things with a one-sided view and that is why you will always be a pole man.

    • Hey whale shit is good for the ecosystem and is environmentally friendly. It provides nutrients for aquatic plant life and provides nitrogen for tiny creatures that will ultimately become a part of the food chain. In all reality whale shit is not such a bad thing. There are great mysteries to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean which you will not discover as long as you remain as polarized and attached to your illusion. Take a walk on the wild side, step outside of your ego, and witness yourself as you truly are. Don’t be afraid to include the other side, synthesize it, an then transcend it. Try it you will feel a whole lot better than being a flaming liberal. Trust me and Mescalito!

      • To be like you would be anathema to common decency. I praise you for being you. Free yourself and accept others. It is God’s way.

        Bob Pohlmann

  3. Hey Drew and Council – way to grow a set and stand up to Mayor Green Jeans tonight.

    That’s what it takes – peer pressure ! He attempted to shut you down, over assert his authority and showed his true colors.

    The entire landscape bid gig has been a circus for years. Keep up the maturation process and peer pressure.

  4. Councilman Ford, I did not support your public humiliation a few weeks back at a council meeting and stated so publicly. You cannot control this blog and people’s comments. However, I would ask you to condemn these actions on what is a personal issue with Ms. Laney. Someone has to stand up for decency as there seems to be a dearth of it on this blog. Please stand tall Councilman Ford.

    Bob Pohlmann

    • Where do you draw the line between personal and politics ? It is a dirty game. I’d rather know ahead of time rather than after someone is in office. I believe character, integrity, financial stability are all relevant issues.

      In essence, we the citizens are conducting the background checks. The problem with that is separating rumor vs. fact.

    • Dr. Ford was in no way “humiliated” by the actions of Sonya Laney’s surrogate Judy Anderson at the podium. Both of them only degraded themselves. And made Sonya’s repeated statements of “I am so ethical” laughable. The lack of decency began with her. Please Bob. Get a grip. Your repeated attempts to spin these events to Sonya Laney’s benefit are really pathetic and craven. You are hardly an arbiter of ethical behavior. You might want to just shut up.

      Dianne Templeton Gardner

      • Mrs. Gardner, does Councilman Ford actually prefer to be called “Dr. Ford” ?

        Yes, I know he has his Ph.D but I dare say he prefers Bob or Councilman Ford.

        • You are very correct, CC. Bob Ford is in no way pretentious. And he prefers just plain “Bob”. I stand corrected. Actually was trying to differentiate “Bob Ford” from the “other Bob” I was referencing. I will do better in the future.


          Dianne Templeton Gardner

  5. Mazie Daisy Fancy Worker
    September 23, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    “If her divorce proceedings in 1999 haven’t been concluded how can she be married again??? ”

    @ Mazie Daisy, Her divorce is final. What is not over is Sonya’s vengeful pursuit of her former husband. As long as that poor SOB is breathing he will be on Sonya’s to do list.

  6. Hey Bob Pohlmann, why no answer to several posts now wondering why you are supporting the Mayor’s stealth candidate. If you know her position on anything you must be telepathic Here is a post from Sept 22nd and another one from the 23rd that you never answered.

    ” Bob Pohlman has stated repeatedly that he is not in the tank for the Mayor, He has also stated he is supporting Sonya Laney. He has never told us why and I would like to know. What qualities, or experience or ideas cause him to support Laney over Ford. If he cannot offer a credible answer I will conclude he is towing the Mayor’s line now as he did while on Council ”

    “ Mr. Pohlman, As a woman that was referenced as a goon by you , and thank you for your recognition by your apology on this blog, I am curious on your stance on Sonya. I understand you are butt hurt with Drew and the union situation. I am apathetic. Please…..Tell me why I should vote for her since she won’t speak out and tell me for herself “

  7. This is just like old times. Bob the Pole-Man has no more idea why he is supporting Laney than why he voted with the Mayor 99% of the time. Guess he is just good at taking orders. Ya Vol Mein Fuhrer !!

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