Why Can’t The City Save Consultant Expense’s By Hiring A In-house Resident Engineer ???


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8 Opinions on “Why Can’t The City Save Consultant Expense’s By Hiring A In-house Resident Engineer ???

  1. Answer to question…..because no self respecting engineer would want have his name associated with the City of Port Orange.

    • After watching our last Council meeting of 2/2 I don’t know why the city is paying big bucks to that do nothing “Casper Milk Toast” Utility Director Andrew Neff who obviously knows nothing, does nothing and can’t function without hiring outside consultants. He claims to be an engineer but from what I’ve observed at meetings can’t come up with answers to questions posed to him by Council. I think Harden hired another loser and I don’t believe he’ll be able to meet the March deadline as he promised.

        • At first I thought he was playing the piano but then realized it was an extreme case of nerves being questions by Council and unsure of himself.

      • Mazie
        Casper Milk Toast answers his questions off a roll index and an open check book. Does everyone remember this after the flooding of Dunlawton? I believe we are now up to task authorization number 4 with CDM Smith on this. The only piggy is on the back of taxpayers and they are getting awfully heavy. I don’t believe the dates and promises line up. Are we any better informed than we were 8 months ago? Smells like pork fat to me. Harden and Neff orchestrated the piggyback to CDM off the work they did for the County as Task Authorization 1. Let’s not forget our donations to Bollerjack along the way. These monies should have been utilized on physical improvements and not highly opinionated speculation. I hope we get it right next week.

        • Are these multiple task authorizations another example of what Mr. Neff refers to as getting the council to swallow the elephant one bite at a time?

  2. Me thinks we needs an consultant to help decide if we need consulatnts and then which one to hire, maybe milk butter toast could head a newly formed consultant relations department

  3. It does seem to me that the city of Port Orange spends a lot of money on consultants. And spending money on outside audits and consultants, be they either engineering or financial seems to be not relieving the problems. Oh, I forgot, maybe they are not problems but are “issues” or only “mistakes”. What ever, it’s a good thing the investors (tax payers’) have been fortunate to pay into the visions of Port Orange . I agree with Ted Noftall, taxes could be less, but city council people like the financial reserves of the city to be 50 percent (for special needs?). Other cities have a reserve of 10 percent or less.

    We do operate a luxurious candy store for those who like to indulge in sweets, like engineers and consultants. The outside auditors really have a racket going on, and the Port Orange City Council has been good to them.

    Some people say that complainers don’t provide solutions. I would have thought we were paying experts inside city government, and a lot of money to outside experts to come up with solutions.

    Here’s a solution — No Nonsense Noftall for Mayor of Port Orange 2016

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