WTF ! | You Have Got To Be Kidding Me ! | $600 per Hour?


It is once a month for 18 months times four hours or 72 hours of training for about a dozen reluctant participants that work for Public Utilities, an organization that trains people that migrate to other organizations that provide their employees with competitive pay and salary progression. So basically the taxpayer will be paying Joe Courey, the organizational specialist, company owner, and officer of the Chamber of Commerce about $600 an hour to indoctrinate 12 young employees into the current I,C.M.A, Florida League of Cities, Chamber of Commerce party line utilizing a technique of mind control referred to as coercive persuasion.

Joe Courey also utilizes a number of Judeo Christian analogies that he twists and perverts in a manner that supports his indoctrination but is so far from what these sacred teachings truly reveal in order to amplify his coercively persuasive conditioning in a manner that is comfortable to his own conflicting and hypocritical world view.

This is very similar to the administrative management indoctrination that David Harden perpetrated during his short interim debacle he recently finished. This whole situation is one of the most blatant practical jokes that has ever been played out on POG TV on the taxpayers of the City of Port Orange. The taxpayer can thank David Harden and Mr. Neff for this not so subtle manipulation play.



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  1. This is par for the course, especially the perverse use of religion and misapplication of sacred teachings. Recently our city council has recruited a number of different so called Christian ministers to start the city council meeting with an unconditional blessing of the city council and its members. Their most recent contradiction to their apparent religious preference has been to give the new assistant city manager an exclusive pass on the circumvention of city ordinance in regards to his residency being in Port Orange. The new assistant manager happens to be an orthodox Jew. That means that not only is he exempt from what all other administrators are not both Christian and secular, but his religious tenets require him to be incommunicado and unavailable for municipal service every week from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. The Fire Chief that just turned in his resignation did not want to relocate to Port Orange either but instead opted to resign. There was no special dispensation regarding residency requirements for him. Many of our employees work shift work and weekends and are devout Christians, in some cases having ministries and religious service that would be enhanced if they did not have to work on Sundays. Some Christian denominations still teach keeping the Sabbath which in their faith is considered the first day of the religious week which is considered to fall on Sunday. They however do not receive special dispensation as exemption from shift work on Sundays, even those who have provided faithful service to the city for decades. What is happening here? Importing Christian ministers to bless the council, importing coercive persuasion psuedo-Christian based mind control leadership training that purports to establish successorship within the city, subjecting employees to psuedo-Christian based management training that identifies people as either wise, foolish, or evil depending of whether they line up with the party line or not. Then with all this pseudo-Christian based coercive persuasion and the advertising of Port Orange as a Christian community from the DIAS we then disenfranchise professing Christian and secular employees, and provide the assistant manager with special privileges and exemptions from duty that no other administrator or employee is afforded. This is done simply because the assistant manager is an orthodox Jew which is apparently the preferred religion in Port Orange that gets special privileges over all others regardless of the preferred religious advertisement from the Dias.

  2. In any other town when a close friend of the Mayor & council gets a $600 a hour job the local newspaper would have something to say. But because this bandit is one of the directors of the local chamber of commerce our local news media stays silent

    It sure didn’t take long for our new city manager to get down into the cesspool with some of our local politicians

    this is disgusting The city manager and city council should go to jail

    if the local taxpayers lets this type of ripoff stand then they are just plain stupid and deserve it

    • The only thing the local taxpayers can do to stop this kind of ripoff to the taxpayer from happening in the future is to vote for Ted Noftall as mayor in the 2016 election.

  3. Joe is a member of the Port Orange South Daytona Chamber along with over 600 businesses. Joe rotates off as a director of the chamber in December. Ted is a Chamber member, so that makes him, I guess, a bad person also.

    Who are you people that makes up things as you go.

    • There is a slight difference between Joe and Ted. Although they are both members of the Chamber of Commerce Ted is not one of its officers. Ted is also not a personal friend of the mayor. What I also forgot to mention is that Ted is not the recipient of $42,000 of taxpayer money to put on 72 hours of recycled and regurgitory power point training to a reluctant audience for show.

      • It’s not costing $42,000, the training is costing around $28,000 the grant if the city gets it will be for $20,000. So the totol cost would be $6,000.00 or so. I sure hope they get that grant. I still think it’s too much money.

  4. Joe is a personal friend of the Mayor?

    Joe will not be an officer of the Chamber next year. So I guess he will be evil until then.

    Training is Joe’s business and this is what he charges ever one.

    I guess being a member of the chamber is evil.

    Delray Debunker – are you self employed? Who pays for retirement? Who pays for your health insurance? Do you get paid time off? Who pays for that? etc.

    Who are you people. The whole counsel voted for this contract.

  5. Never forget that the real story here is that Manager Johansson and Utilities Director Neff – 2 men with zero commitment to, or tenure in this community have been given the green light to revamp an award winning water production department absent any consultation with, or the support of any of the senior staff in that department by a Council that had no serious appreciation for what it was they voted to approve.

    The Joe Courey / Insights & Beyond gambit that is un-expectantly turning into a major debacle, was meant to be little more than a mop-up operation intended to smoke out any persons daring to voice any dissent to the Neff and Johansson reorganization, presented under the guise of Leadership Training and Succession Planning in an organization gone mad — where every effort is made to preserve the jobs of $25 per hour lawn mower operators, and where $12 per hour instrument technicians in plant operations are bid adieu as they leave the City for better paying jobs elsewhere..

    But what the hey. What could possibly go wrong with an UN-modeled change to the management our drinking water system.

    It is sad that Council appears to have learned nothing over the past 3 years from accepting duplicitous presentations and otherwise participating in situations where the manager possesses greater information then they do.

    The CYA scramble over this evolving debacle should be fascinating to watch in the coming weeks.

  6. If one reviews the video of the council meeting regarding Joe Courey’s service they will see how the council was misled by city staff into thinking the bid was only for $28,884 with a $20,000 grant rebate.

    On the video Councimanl Ford remarks , at least the city will get $20,000 back from the grant. Both Jake & Neff just sat there without saying a word to correct him leaving the full council with the wrong assumption .

    I hope this site will post that video

    Joe Courey will actually receive almost $49,000.

    $42,716 —- To talk to only 12 employees for a total of 72 hours.
    $ 6,108 —- To Talk to some Department Directors

    $48,824 —- Total fee

    $48,824 / 72 … = $679/hour

    • The employees that he will be inspiring have been identified in the salary survey as having the lowest starting pays of any municipalities in all of the surrounding counties for their respective State certified public health and safety occupations. It would of cost the tax payer less money to bring these entry level young professionaly skilled potential leaders up to parity with organizations like Holly Hill, Edgewater, and Bunnel than to gift it to Joe Coury’s personal bank account. Hopefully he will inspire these future leaders to take their skills down the road to an organization that truly gives a shit about successorship.

  7. If the city payment portion for this type of consultant was $25,000 or less then the city manager could have proceeded on his own with the contract without council approval

    Soooooo! who decided to jack-up the city payment portion by a few thousand to assure the council had to vote on it and take the hit if things went south with this scam

  8. Has anyone read the contract? It is posted on the cities web site under the agenda for that counsel meeting..

  9. This is how a typical Joe Coury training session goes: He paces around the group while repeating his diatribe and periodically stopping to place his hand on one of the attendees shoulders and presses down. He will play some music, maybe the Temptations “Ball of Confusion” and break into some long winded spiel about organizational confusion. He will then do some Briggs Meyers psychological profiling and tell you whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. He will show a couple of films about behaviorism with a lot of suggestion. He tries to invoke emotional responses and encourage people to divulge anything and everything about themselves and how they feel about the organization. He calls this throwing it all out there on the wall. If the group or any individuals are reluctant to do so and choose to just sit back and listen he tries to shame those who do not automatically respond to him by suggesting that they are wasting his time and their own being there. He will suggest that they are wasting their time in the organization if they are not compliant in his leadings. If they keep their cool and question why he would say that, he shifts into a bunch of philosophical introspection and suggests he was simply being rhetorical. If he feels that he is not receptive to the group he starts trying to stroke peoples egos. Any self actualized individual will respectfully sit through the training they were directed to attend and were summoned to, but in the back of their minds they are saying I have a lot of work to do that this foolishness is taking me away from. In the final analysis you walk away thinking you just wasted a day and getting behind in important work you have to do listening to a bunch of juvenile pablum, and putting another few thousand dollars in this dudes bank account.

  10. While at the state board of management meeting for Sons of the American Revolution this was the meeting across the hall. Those people were not smiling at all, we however authorized a new chapter in The Villages and chose a new meeting place for next year’s meetings among other things.

    God Bless America and especially Port Orange

  11. Does anyone know if a citizen can sit in and review Joe Courey’s seminar pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act

    It would be interesting to see what we are paying more than $600 an hour for

  12. I don’t think so.
    One of the councilmen asked at the council meeting if a council member could sit-in on that class
    And Neff said NO

    • That’s because Neff knows that they would see right through the bullshit and the garden path he is trying to methodically lead them down would become obvious. If the council only drilled down and questioned Public Utility senior staff they would be able to understand just how nefarious this is. Pinellas County, Marion County, Seminole County, and soon to be Port Orange DEJA VU.

      • Neff works in those counties too ? Previous to little old Port Orange ?

        He is in decline if so. Another great hire ?

        • No, you are wrong, he is going to have a nice little retirement stretch with a $1,500,000 engineering roadmap all supported by Captain Jake, the taxpayers of Port Orange, and a few scapegoats along the way. That is, if Ted Noftall is not elected mayor in 2016. If Ted is elected this self serving shit will be nabbed in the bud.

  13. I could be wrong, but my understanding is the only way the City gets grant money is if those attending the class are in under paid positions. The reason for the course is somehow to tell them to hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel through higher salaries…..Help is on the way. Mike G. Pointed this out during the council meeting, but apparently it fell on deaf ears.

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